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Hello, I am Ivan. 哈囉,我是 Ivan
Hello, I am Kevin. 哈囉,我是Kevin
Welcome to Hot English Classroom. 歡迎來到哈英語教室
Kevin, do you like to eat popsicles? Kevin,你喜歡吃冰嗎?
Of course I do! I even eat popsicles in winter. 當然啦!我有時候連冬天都會吃冰
Wow! A while back, I went to Shanshang District and tried the traditional popsicles there. 哇!我上次去山上區玩吃到古早味的冰棒
They are very unique. 非常特別
Traditional popsicles? 古早味的冰棒?
How are they traditional? 為什麼說是古早味的呢?
That is because they are made in popsicle molds from Taiwan's earlier period. 因為是台灣早期的冰棒造型
Even the popsicle machines are old style ice machines. 就連製冰設備也是舊式的製冰器喔!
That sounds cool! 聽起來很酷耶!
By the way, what made you decide to visit Shanshang District? 話說,你怎麼會跑去山上區呢?
The Tainan Shanshang Garden and Old Waterworks Museum 山上區的花園水道博物館
looks just like an old castle. 看起來很像古堡
What's more, it is inhabited by bats. 而且還有蝙蝠棲息
I went there just to see the bats! 我就是跑去那裡看蝙蝠的!
Wow! Architecture that looks like an old castle, 喔!古堡造型的建築
and all those bats there. 還有蝙蝠
Sounds interesting! 聽起來很有意思耶
You bet. A lot of people go there to take pictures, 對啊,蠻多人都會帶相機去那裡拍照
but you have to climb a long flight of stairs before you can see the bats. 只是看蝙蝠需要爬很長一段階梯
Oh! Climbing the stairs! I can handle that! 喔!爬階梯 我沒問題!
Is there anything else fun to do? 那裡還有什麼好玩的嗎?
There is the Shanshang Orchid Botanical Garden. 那邊還有蘭科植物園喔
I thought you could only see orchids in Houbi! 我以為蘭花要在後壁才會看得到耶
You're talking about the temporary orchid show! 那是期間限定的蘭展啦!
The Orchid Botanical Garden is open all year long! 植物園一整年都開放喔!
Sounds cool! 聽起來很酷!
If you visit Shanshang District, you can stroll around the different communities there. 如果你去山上區 可以到社區走走
I see. Why do you recommend that? 喔~怎麼說呢?
To know a place well, you have to go into the communities. 其實要了解一個地方,你一定要走進社區巷弄,
And you'll find that each area is quite different. 你會發現每個地區的特性都不太ㄧ樣
Well, I agree with you! That's a great idea! 嗯~我同意!這是個好建議!
All right! Let's review the keywords for today! 好喔!讓我們來複習今天的單字吧!
Let's review! 一起來複習!
古早味 traditional
冰棒 popsicle
製冰設備 popsicle machine
水道 waterworks
水道 aqueduct
古堡 old castle
蝙蝠 bat
棲息 inhabit
爬階梯 climb stairs
植物園 botanical garden
期間限定 temporary
Did you get all that? 都記起來了嗎?
I got it. 我都記起來了
See you next time on “Hot English Classroom”! 英語小教室,下次見囉!
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Hot Tainan EP12. HOT English Classroom

107 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on December 11, 2019
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