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So on our Math Dad versus Science Mom series, he has given me a lot of logic
puzzles, but today I'm going to give him a challenge. You ready for this? It's
called the "chair challenge".
So I'm gonna set up our camera right here and then here's how it works.
I'm going to face the ball with my feet directly to the wall and then I'm gonna
take two steps back. Toe to heel. Toe to heel, and then we're gonna slide the
chair in front of me, and I'm going to bend over. You need to be pretty close to
a 90 degree angle and have your head on the wall. The top of your head should be
on the Wall. Pick up the chair and then stand up. That's all there is to it, and
as you can see from my demonstration it's not very difficult and now I want
to see if you can do it. Ok. Doesn't look too bad.
One. Two. Slide the chair in front. Top of your head on the wall. Lift the chair and stand up.
Science Mom for the win!
What do you think is going on? You have tiny feet. Yeah, so my feet
were putting me further away from the wall, so I had less leverage. So if you
watch Math Dad and me, we have our feet next to the wall and then I takes two
steps back and he takes two steps back. He's a few inches farther back and that
might not seem like it makes a big difference but when you have a fulcrum
and you're trying to lift up from your waist being that much further back
makes an enormous difference.
So do you think you could pick it up if you were closer? Yeah! All right let's try.
Math Dad's answer about the feet is essentially correct this exercise has everything to do with your
center of mass, and it turns out that being just a few
inches farther back from the wall makes all the difference in the world as to
whether this is possible or impossible for you to do. And women, in general, tend
to have slightly smaller feet in proportion to their body height than men
so most women are able to do this exercise where most men cannot simply
because their feet size puts them just far away back from the wall where it
becomes an impossible challenge. And then if you have a more muscular torso and
more body weight in your upper body this also makes this a little bit more
difficult and impossible to do.
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Chair Challenge Explained! Math Dad vs Science Mom

108 Folder Collection
minami.kuo published on December 11, 2019
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