B2 High-Intermediate US 249 Folder Collection
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Long, long time ago in a galaxy
Far in a galaxy, far, far away
There once was a boy slave destined to save space
He wins a big pod race
And hits on a queen
Padme's a cougar
Qui gets killed by Darth Maul who is then chopped in half
Obi-Wan must train The One from Tatooine
It's the clone age
Sand People rampage
Mommy got flayed, strayed
Ani's bae is Padme
Anakin you are breaking my heart
Order is made, Jedi are slain
Kill all the baby tiny Younglings
Side takes the throne, Long live the clones
Burn Ani, turn him to a robo
Leia hides plans, Vader chokes a man
Alderaan's gone and Han shoots first
You're my only hopie Obi-Wan
Look! A small moon
That's a space ship!
Worshipfullness, walking carpet
This princess better pay out
Use the Force, Luke
Close your eyes and shoot
Lando betrays Han and friends in the sky
Skywalker flies
Do or don't, there's no try
(Try the dark side)
No! No, no! No!
Luke, I'm your daddykins
Your mom was kissing Anakin
Han's frozen
I love you
I know
It's father, son and daughter
A dynasty united at last
The galaxy is free from evil thanks to the goodness in Darth from the past
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Star Wars in 99 Seconds

249 Folder Collection
minami.kuo published on December 11, 2019
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