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TIA: K-POP supergroup BTS is taking over the international music scene,
and one song in particular is catching everyone's attention.
TIA: “Fake Love” is the lead single off their newest album, 'Love Yourself: Tear,'
which highlights themes of self-love, perseverance, and struggle.
TIA: The song blends a classic K-POP sound with an emotional feel, and even features some trap drums.
TIA: The video had the biggest 24 hour debut on YouTube in 2018, and the third biggest of all-time,
racking up almost 36 million views in one day.
TIA: And many fans have been excited to make connections between this video's haunting visuals,
and other BTS themes.
RM: We always have a dark side so we wanna talk about the dark side of love.
INTERVIEWER: So you're getting deep?
RM: Yeah.
TIA: According to fan theories, the album 'Love Yourself: TEAR' seems to be
a part of a series of narrative stories connecting each project.
TIA: Past projects like 'Love Yourself: Her,' also focused on love and struggle.
And some videos have even tackled more serious topics like addiction, mental health and drug abuse.
TIA: And many of the songs and imagery associated with their 2016 album 'Wings,'
drew direct inspiration from the Herman Hesse novel 'Demian.'
RM said quote,
TIA: “FAKE LOVE” seems to be on a similar wave,
with many fans pointing out themes of conflict and emotion throughout the video.
TIA: And while many theories are still unconfirmed, the group dropped a few hints about the meaning
behind the visuals.
RM: This album is gonna be like if you're not true to yourself, your love it finally, it won't last long.
TIA: BTS recently performed the song at the 2018 Billboard Music Awards
and won the Top Social Artist Award for the second year in a row.
TIA: And as BTS' popularity quickly spans the globe, many are wondering, what's next?
TIA: I'm Tia with Genius News bringing you the meaning and the knowledge behind the music.
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BTS' "FAKE LOVE" Explained | Song Stories

117 Folder Collection
洪隱隱 published on December 11, 2019
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