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what's going on guys! Today, we're gonna recreate the stunts from infinity war
which was an amazing movie so don't forget to hit that like button.
So for the first stunt, we got spider-man swinging from his web under a bridge and
then when he lets go of his web he does a backflip layout.
So to recreate that stunt I'm gonna swing from these rings right here and then I'm gonna do the
backflip layout just like him.
So for this flip we got star-lord doing a big front flip 180 over Thanos to put an explosive on his back.
So to recreate that I'm gonna jump off of this block right here, do the dive front flip 180 by
putting one hand on this as if this is Thanos and then landing on the other side.
So for this stunt we got spider-man fighting Thanos and then spider-man does
a backflip over him mid backflip grabs onto Thanos and then pushes off of him
after to dive through a portal.
So I'm gonna recreate that by starting and standing right here doing the backflip over this as if this angled block is
Thanos. Landing on it and then pushing back to land flat on my back on this mat
as if it's the portal.
So for this one we got Iron Man charging at Thanos and then he kicks off of him to go into a backflip.
So I'm going to recreate thatby running full-speed to this block, punching off of it, going into a backflip just like Iron Man.
So next up we got someone sent by Thanos to retrieve one
of the Infinity stones fighting Captain America and Black Widow and while
fighting them use this an aerial.
I'm just going to recreate the aerial right over here.
In this stunt we got Captain America doing a big dive roll to grab a staff.
I'm going to recreate this stump by having this staff on the ground and
doing a big dive roll to grab it in the middle of the roll.
So next up we got Wanda doing a huge jump and then she absorbs her landing using a roll.
So I'm gonna retreat that stunt by standing on the structure
behind me jumping as high as I can and then absorbing the fall with the shoulder roll.
So next up we got Black Widow fighting someone who was sent by
Thanos and then she's on the ground on her back and gets back on her feet using the kip up.
So as usual I'm gonna recreate the Kip up right here on the ground.
So next up we got spider-man hanging on the side of the bus he pushes
off of it to go into a big jump.
So I'm gonna recreate that by hanging on this hook on the wall here pushing off of it to go in a big jump just like spider-man.
So for this one we got Iron Man fighting Thanos and then Thanos hits him with so
much momentum that it brings Iron Man into a front flip and three-quarters
onto his back.
So since that's almost a double frontflip, I'm going to recreate it here on the trampoline do the frontflip and 3/4 onto my back.
So next up we got Spider-Man again doing his classic swinging off of his web into
a backflip but this time he's in a sick iron Spidey suit.
So I'm gonna recreate it again with a different angle by swinging off this ring into the backflip
Thank you for watching my video don't forget to hit that like button if you
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as usual I'll catch you guys on the flip side.
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Stunts from Avengers Infinity War In Real Life (Marvel, Parkour)

76 Folder Collection
陸智勤 published on December 10, 2019
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