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Tim! Write this down!
Use your phone!
*traditional wedding theme song*
Hey guys! Right before we get into the video I want to say congrats
to the Mac Air winner! Ahh!
If this isn't you, don't worry. I have more stuff to give away.
And the only rule to enter is to be subscribed.
Now, I am of the age where a lot of my friends
are getting married and having kids
because they bugged their partners to get married and have kids.
Some of my friends are pretty subtle.
Then I have friends who are much more direct.
Baby, I just got my first tattoo! Do you want to see?
Babe, are you kidding?
That's crazy because I just got my first tattoo!
Oh my God!
Oh, I love it!
Some of my friends have given their partners ultimatums.
It's marriage or death!
Bring it on!
Some can do this nonverbally.
*dramatic music plays*
And I have some friends who like don't even drop hints.
They drop bombs.
Walkin' down the aisle. Ear to ear smile.
Ring on my finger license ready to file.
Tax incentive. House in Venice.
Come on baby be my husband I'm attentive!
Uh! You can be my wifey. I can tell by the way that you smell you like me.
Goin' off the top just like a toupee. Invite all your friends and throw a bouquet yeah!
We can start a collection of babies right after the wedding reception.
Uh! Yeah! Anna if you listen, I go to your dad and I'll get his permission like ay!
Can I marry Akana?
Then, I'm a give her my banana.
But we won't split. Stay together and we won't quit.
Till death!
Do us part!
Straight. From the heart!
I do!
Me too!
Personally, I've done this like probably in every relationship I've ever been in
I've dropped hints and have been like "Hey! Marry me. Put a ring on it!"
But even then I feel like it's so crazy.
I mean I'm actually really happy that I don't really have the power to propose.
I mean I could. It's a feminist world--I could.
But I don't want that. I want someone else to do that for me.
Because if it were up to me, I probably would have been married like 4 times already.
Just cause I'm in love with the idea of getting married
probably more than I was in love with the actual person
I wanted to get married to.
So I don't know. I've kind of like come to a place
where I'm very content with like just "go with the flow"
there's no rush. I don't have to do anything.
I mean I still drop hints because it's fun.
It's really fun to do that.
But for the actual marriage I don't know yet.
I'm still touring.
Oh! And thank you so much to Tim for being a part of today's video.
Don't forget to check out his channel. He's a very funny guy and I appreciate him doing all this for me.
I'm Anna Akana. Stay awesome Gotham.
Ow! Beetle! (her kitten)
Beetle makes me not want to have children.
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How Girls Drop Hints (w/Timothy DeLaGhetto)

155 Folder Collection
辜辜忠 published on December 10, 2019
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