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Hello, I am Ivan. 哈囉,我是Ivan
Hello, I am Kevin. 哈囉,我是 Kevin
Welcome to Hot English Classroom. 歡迎來到哈英語教室
Kevin, you drink a cup of coffee every day Kevin,你每天都會喝一杯咖啡
and you like to make your own hand-drip coffee. 還喜歡自己手沖咖啡
So, did you know there are coffee trees in Tainan? 你知道臺南也有種咖啡嗎?
Oh! I know that! The coffee in Dongshan is quite famous. 喔!這個我知道,東山的咖啡很有名
You're really the expert! 果然內行
In addition to coffee, 東山除了咖啡之外
Dongshan is also known for its longans. 還有龍眼也很厲害
That's right! But due to the abnormal climate conditions this year, 對啊!但是今年氣候異常
we had a poor harvest of longans. 沒有龍眼
What a pity! 真是可惜
If longan flowers don't bloom, we can't produce longan honey, 龍眼花沒開,龍眼花蜜就無法生產
and the earth ovens in Dongshan will have no longan fruit to make dried longans. 東山的土窯也無法製作龍眼乾
We will be not able to enjoy that delicious flavor this year. 今年品嚐不到這些美味了
By the way, where else do you usually go to when you're in Dongshan? 你去東山還會去哪裡玩呢?
I like to go to the old street. 我喜歡去逛老街
On the old street, you can find many local products. 在老街裡你可以看到在地的特產
Each old street has its own special features, 每個地區的老街都不太一樣
and you get to know the differences of each place. 可以看到不同的在地特色
Oh? What do you say that? 喔~怎麼說呢?
For instance, on the Dongshan Old Street, 像東山老街那裡有東山咖啡
you can find Dongshan coffee and the local dishes like Dongshan duck head. 也有在地小吃東山鴨頭
In addition, there is a honey factory open to tourists nearby. 附近還有蜂蜜的觀光工廠
There you can learn about the manufacturing process of honey. 能夠了解蜂蜜的生產過程
It's awesome. 非常精彩
Dongshan duck heads are quite tasty. 東山鴨頭真的蠻好吃的
In addition to the old street, 除了老街之外
there is the Dongshan coffee highway. 東山還有咖啡公路
There you can enjoy the mountain scenery and enjoy coffee at the same time. 在山區還可以邊喝咖啡邊欣賞風景
That's right! If you're a connoisseur of coffee, 沒錯!喜歡喝咖啡的朋友,
you should definitely come visit Dongshan. 一定不要錯過東山
Also, the scenery in the mountains here is spectacular. 山區的景色也很美
Indeed! The coffee shops in the mountains of Dongshan are very special. 對啊!東山山區的咖啡店都很有特色,
But before you can take a sip of coffee, 喝咖啡前
you have to have great driving skills. 必須考驗一下你的開車技術
The twisting mountain road in Dongshan used to be dubbed “Nine bends and sixteen turns.” 東山的山路有九彎十六拐的封號
Fortunately, the road has been broadened, and it's easier to drive along the road now. 現在道路比較寬 蠻好開的
Oh! I usually just have coffee around the Dongshan old street. 喔!我比較常在老街喝咖啡
Well, besides this , there is the old rice mill in Dongshan next to the coffee shop and the farmers' association. 農會的咖啡店旁還有東山碾米廠
Yes! The rice milling machines there are really cool! 對啊!那個碾米機真的很酷!
That's right! Let's review the keywords for today! 沒錯!讓我們來複習今天的單字吧!
Let's review. 一起來複習!
手沖咖啡 pour over coffee
內行 expert
氣候異常 abnormal climate conditions
土窯 earth oven
龍眼 longan
龍眼花蜜 longan honey
東山鴨頭 Dongshan duck head
九彎十六拐 Nine bends and sixteen curves; twisting and turning
農會 farmers' association
碾米廠 rice mill
Did you get all that? 都記起來了嗎?
I got it! 我都記起來了
See you next time on “Hot English Classroom”! 英語小教室,下次見囉!
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Hot Tainan EP11. HOT English Classroom

85 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on December 8, 2019
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