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Hello, I am Ivan. 哈囉,我是Ivan
Hello, I am Kevin. 哈囉,我是Kevin
Welcome to Hot English Classroom. 歡迎來到哈英語教室
Kevin, have you ever tried noni fruit before? Kevin,你吃過諾麗果嗎?
No, I haven't! What kind of fruit is that? 沒有耶!那是什麼東西?
Well, its appearance is a little like a sugar apple, 那是外觀長得像釋迦
but it isn't so bumpy. 但是沒有那麼凹凹凸凸
Also, it has a really special flavor, 而且味道非常特別
just like rich fermented cheese. 很像發酵過很濃郁的起司味
It doesn't smell very good. 不是很好聞
Oh my gosh! Is it even edible? 天啊!那能吃嗎?
I like sugar apples a lot though. 釋迦我倒是挺喜歡的
Usually, noni fruits are processed first so that they can be made into other products! 諾麗果通常拿來加工成其他產品啦!
In addition, noni fruits are a local specialty of Syuejia. 諾麗果是學甲的特產喔
You can find a whole line of products at the farmers' association. 在農會也有販售相關的產品
I am familiar with Syuejia! 學甲我知道啊!
I go there to see the hollyhock flowers every February and March. 每年二月、三月我們會去那裡看蜀葵花
Right! At Syuejia's Hollyhock Flower Festival, 沒錯!學甲的蜀葵花節
you can enjoy a lot of interesting activities. 通常都會舉辦很多好玩的活動
It's an activity you absolutely cannot miss! 千萬別錯過
Wow! You really know about Syuejai, too! 哇!你真的很懂!
Is there anything else that you would recommend trying in Syuejia? 還有什麼特別推薦的嗎?
When you go to Syuejia, you have to try the milkfish congee 去到學甲 一定要吃一碗虱目魚粥
and the milkfish balls there. 還有美味的虱目魚丸
I can't wait to plan a trip to Syuejia! 我要趕快規劃去學甲玩的行程啦
By the way, Syuejia has a diverse ecosystem. 學甲的生態也非常好
In the winter, you can even see black-faced spoonbills. 冬天時還可以看到黑面琵鷺
Black-faced spoonbills? 黑面琵鷺?
I thought they are only in Cigu. 我以為只有七股才能看到
In fact, there is a wetland reserve in Syuejia as well. 其實學甲也有濕地生態保護園區
Wow! That's so cool! 哇~太酷了!下次去學甲,
Next time I'm in Syuejia, I know where to go! 我就有新的景點了!
Also, there is a bird-watching pavilion there. 而且那裡也有賞鳥亭喔
Many people who like photography go there. 喜歡拍照的朋友都會去哪裡
The scenery there is really beautiful. 風景真的非常漂亮
Syuejia is indeed a great place to travel. 學甲真的是很適合旅遊的地方
That's right! Let's review the keywords for today! 沒錯!讓我們來複習今天的單字吧!
Let's review! 一起來複習!
諾麗果 noni fruit
釋迦 sugar apple
外觀 appearance
發酵 fermented
加工 processed
蜀葵花 hollyhock flower
虱目魚粥 milkfish congee
生態 ecosystem
黑面琵鷺 black-faced spoonbill
賞鳥亭 bird-watching pavilion
Did you get all that? 都記起來了嗎?
I got it. 我都記起來了
See you next time on “Hot English Classroom”! 英語小教室,下次見囉!
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Hot Tainan EP10. HOT English Classroom

127 Folder Collection
Hot Tainan 哈臺南 published on December 7, 2019
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