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5G is here, connecting and powering our world in unprecedented ways, especially when human lives are at risk or when traumatic situations arise.
Next-generation emergency response vehicles use 5G and IoT.
These connected vehicles enable uninterrupted and secure real-time data transfer and voice-to-video communication when doctors and EMTs only have minutes to stabilize and save a life.
Real-time voice and video streaming allows surgeons to guide long-distance robotic surgery, eliminating communication delays that could endanger the patient.
The future possibilities that will transform healthcare are many.
But the impact of this technology will be felt across industries as massive IoT connects at least 1 million devices per square kilometer.
Combining 5G and IoT can minimize the impact of unforeseen catastrophes harmful to smaller signals.
When natural disasters, cyber-criminals, or blackouts attack mission-critical power systems, smart grids powered by 5G and sensors provide a resilient infrastructure that enables emergency responders to act fast to keep the public connected and safe.
Cognizant's vast experience in digital enables carriers and industries to create new value with next-generation IoT solutions powered by 5G.
Make the next move with Cognizant.
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5G & IoT Are Ushering In The Future With Intelligent Connectivity | Cognizant

2186 Folder Collection
Lian published on December 3, 2019    Lian translated    Winnie Liao reviewed
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