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So you had a night out and woke up feeling...not so great.
The solution?
Stop drinking until next week when it happens all over again.
It's inevitable and you know it.
And while there are many pills and myths that claim to do the job, here are the actual scientifically proven tips to help handle your hangover.
Before you start drinking, eat fatty foods and carbs.
I'm sure you wanna look slim on your night out,
But the fact is, fatty foods slow down the absorption of alcohol into your body, and help lessen stomach irritation.
While carbs prevent low blood sugar and ease nausea, which means ix-nay on the vomit-ey.
This also gives your body more time to process the harmful by-products of alcohol which can be explained in a previous video, here.
One of the main reasons for your hangover.
Next, Water.
Water is your best friend before, during and after drinking.
Alcohol is a diuretic, which means you'll be peeing out more fluid than your taking in.
And with less water in your body, your other organs start to steal it from the brain, causing it to literally shrink, which causes headaches.
So while you're drinking, have another drink of water,
And do yourself a favour by choosing lighter coloured liquors.
Dark drinks like red wine, bourbon, brandy and whisky contain higher concentrations of something called "Congeners."
These congeners act as extra toxic chemicals that your body has to eliminate.
And while beer doesn't fit in this category, the age-old rhyme, "Beer before liquor, never been sicker", does apply.
Carbonation, like that in beer or soda pop, increases the rate of absorption of alcohol causing a worse hangover.
After the bar, more water.
You may be peeing all night but it's better than your head exploding tomorrow morning.
Aspirin before bed is also helpful, its non-caffeinated and inhibits the release of something called "Prostaglandin" which has been shown to contribute to hangovers.
But stay away from Acetaminophen, most commonly called Tylenol in North America.
Acetaminophen is extremely harsh on your liver and in combination with alcohol can do some severe damage.
In the morning, your breakfast can make all the difference.
Eggs contain Cysteine, an amino acid, which is required in the breakdown of alcohol to acetate.
Bananas contain potassium which is essential for brain, muscle and body function.
And fruit juice contains vitamins and Fructose, or fruit sugar, which gives you energy and increases the rate of which your body excretes toxins.
But perhaps the most important rule:Know Your Limit.
There are major differences between genders, races and individuals when it comes to alcohol.
But by using these simple strategies in the right order, you'll be on the road to avoiding those pounding hangovers.
Until next week...
And you do it again...
Got a burning question you want answered?
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The Scientific Hangover Cure

3142 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on December 2, 2019
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