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- You're going to Iceland for the very first time.
Here are the top 10 tips that you need to know
before you embark on this amazing journey
and visit one of the greatest countries in the entire world.
(birds chirping)
(classical piano)
Basically right now, there's a huge obsession with Iceland
around the world, and there is very good reasons for that,
because this country is pretty spectacular.
As a resident of Iceland for the last 14 months,
giving up my life in sunny Australia for this bizarre
planet that we call Iceland,
I've compiled the top 10 things that you need to know
before visiting this country to make sure your holiday
is extraordinary.
So I'm gonna look after you.
And also, check out my instagram so you can get inspiration
for your travels in Iceland.
Firstly, you need to decide what you're after
for your own holiday.
You have a choice between winter and the warmer months.
Perks to choosing the warmer months is it's warmer.
You have access to most of the roads, unlike winter,
where a lot of the roads are closed because
of dangerous conditions, AKA ice on the road.
During summer, it's 24 hours sunlight,
meaning you can explore for longer.
The downsides to summer, no Northern Lights,
because yes you need darkness for Northern Lights.
The Northern Lights period is roughly from late August
until end of April, so you've got plenty of time.
However, if you want to experience 24 hours sunlight,
you're not gonna see the Northern Lights.
The downsides of traveling through summer,
is that it's insanely busy with tourists,
the prices are more expensive for everything.
A lot harder to book your accommodation,
and it's not exactly warm, considering that the
max temperature even during summer is roughly
around 18 degree Celsius.
If winter is what you're after, and lots of snow
and blue pops of aqua water around the place
and beautiful pink and blue sunsets,
I love winter so much in Iceland.
The upside is incredible scenery that you don't
get to see anywhere else,
the Northern Lights, however, it also comes down to luck
whether you see them or not.
It's a little bit easier to book your accommodation
and it's a little bit cheaper.
The downsides, it's cold, days are really short,
and some of the roads are not accessible.
So for example if you really want to do the Ring Road
around Iceland, you might not have that possibility.
Yup, what you've heard is actually true.
Iceland is insanely expensive.
Riekjavik just became the most expensive city in the world
so be prepared when you're coming.
For most cities when I travel,
I only book the first one or two nights of accommodation,
and then I just go on the fly and just work it out
later on.
However, in Iceland, I really don't recommend you do that.
I recommend pre-planning as early as possible
for accommodation, whether that's hostels, hotels,
or Airbnbs, which is a really really good option.
I wish someone gave me these tips when I was coming here.
Shop for your food at the local supermarket.
The cheapest one is Bonus.
Eating out in Iceland is by far the most expensive thing,
so if you can, just prep in the morning,
pack your sandwiches for the day.
Also, if you have a car consider staying outside of
Reykjavik because you really don't need to be inside
of Reykjavik.
One day is enough to see the city,
and then you want to be in nature,
because that's what Iceland is all about,
and you'll find some great deals for accommodation
outside of the city.
Personally, I go for independent every single time,
just because I like the freedom to stop at any point
and time and take as many photographs as I want,
because in Iceland, that's what you really really
want to do.
And there's some great deals on cars that you can hire,
much more expensive than most cities,
but it's still cheaper than tours.
Obviously, the downside, in winter, it's kind of
dangerous driving if you've never done it before.
There's a lot of ice on the road,
so tours aren't that bad of an option at that time.
Sidenote, please don't stop your car in the middle of the
road when you're taking photos in Iceland
because you will get run over.
No matter what season you come to Iceland,
it's gonna be rainy, windy, cold,
so layers layers layers.
Throw the umbrellas out the window because they are useless.
No one in Iceland has an umbrella because
they just get destroyed in like two seconds flat.
But you want rainjackets, socks, gloves, sunglasses,
and swimwear for the blue lagoon.
Bring everything you have.
Drones, GoPros, professional gear, everything.
First up is the Golden Circle,
the most popular thing filled with tourists
but also beautiful.
In Reykjavik, see the cafes, harbor, and
just the cuteness of this town.
You have to visit the Blue Lagoon.
If you have more time, explore the south coast
including Skogafoss, Vik, and Jokulsarlon glacier lagoon.
Please go hiking, explore the nature a little bit more
than just seeing it from your car because being in the
nature is when you truly experience Iceland.
But, don't step on the moss.
Just like the Justin Bieber Major Lazer video
where the girls are dancing on the moss,
it's going to take about a hundred years for
that moss to recover.
Thanks Justin and Major Lazer.
Really appreciate that.
There's some amazing natural hotsprings
that I recommend visiting as well,
including Reykjadalur,
but don't let that substitute your Blue Lagoon Escape.
Northern Lights in winter.
Make sure you bring a tripod,
because you can't photograph them without a tripod.
Unless you have the new Google Pixel frame.
People stand on the cliff thinking they're going to
get a perfect shot and then a gust of wind comes through
and See you later, alligator.
And a common one is to stand on a black beach,
which is very famous,
and get swept away by a huge wave that you just
didn't expect to come.
There's not a lot of signage anywhere in Iceland
to guard you from this kind of stuff,
so you really have to be careful.
And if you think it's not going to happen to you,
well I kind of guarantee you that's exactly what
the other people thought as well.
A lot of people think you can camp wherever you
want in Iceland.
It's kind of false, it still belongs to the farmers.
So you need permission of the farmers,
and we have to preserve this beautiful, untouched land
for as long as possible because it's one of the last places
on earth that has this beautiful, stunning lands
so just pick up your rubbish and put it in the bin.
Icelandic water is some of the freshest and most amazing
water in the world.
So don't buy water.
Don't buy bottled water because it's better for
the environment and you're going to have some
of the greatest tasting water in the world.
I hope you guys enjoyed this.
This is a lot of tips crammed into one video.
Give it a thumbs up, subscribe, plenty more videos, and
also check out my instagram.
I do some wild bikini in the snow shots,
some outrageous, weird, posy stuff because
I like to mix it up a bit.
It just keeps things interesting for all of us.
- Oh my god it's in!
Oh my god!
- Oh my god!
- How far the water do you think?
- It was coming in these doors, but I think it was higher.
- Uh, uh, ew.
Blueberries are bitter.
- If it looks blue, then it's blueberry.
(everybody laughs)
- You're definitely not getting humped.
- It's dessert, in a desert.
- Whoa.
- I'm funny.
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Iceland for First-Timers (Top 10 Tips You Need To Know)

117 Folder Collection
喬凱葶 published on November 30, 2019
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