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At London Business School we understand people have many different career goals and aspirations:
from career acceleration to switching sector or function and even starting a new business.
That's why we've enhanced our two-year MBA to make it the world's most flexible program.
It's a top-ranked MBA that works for everyone. By choosing LBS you'll study in London - a
global business hub bursting with culture, diversity and talent. You'll benefit from
our close links with top organisations in the city, learn from our world-class faculty
and join students from the broadest range of backgrounds and experience. In Year One,
through our business fundamentals core, you'll discover the latest management and leadership
tools and techniques. You'll also develop the knowledge, skills and cultural awareness
essential for leading teams anywhere in the world.
Our tailored core gives you the opportunity to examine a subject area in more depth or
broaden your horizons with courses from a range of subject areas. This includes LondonCAP,
an extended practical group project with a dynamic London-based organisation. And finally,
an introduction to our diverse range of electives enables you to specialise even further.
The summer break gives you three options to put your learning into practice. Internships
are the perfect way to gain relevant work experience and enhance your network. Enrol
in our entrepreneurship summer school to stress test your start-up idea or join the LBS Summer
Consulting Team and provide consultancy services to a range of real clients.
In Year Two, you'll have complete flexibility to make the NBA work for you. Decide whether
you want to complete the program in 15, 18 or 21 months. Tailor your classroom learning
by choosing from our full electives portfolio of more than 70 courses. The second year is
also full of real-world learning experiences. Apply your learnings to emerging and develop
markets around the world on a global business experience. Enhance your global perspective
on the International Exchange Program, complete a business project with an organisation facing
a particular challenge or gain further experience with more internships. Woven through the fabric
of the program are Leadership Development and Career Management modules - critical to
your future career success. Our exceptional Career Centre supports you
with first-class interview coaching, recruiter networking and mentoring every step of the
way and your experience doesn't stop when you leave the classroom. You'll have access
to a wealth of student activities ranging from clubs and conferences to case study competitions
and career treks giving you more opportunities to enhance your MBA experience.
At the end of the program, you and your classmates' unique journeys converge at Congregation.
Celebrate your achievements together and start the next stage of your career as part of our
ever-growing network of more than 40,000 alumni in 130 countries worldwide. No matter where
your career is headed London Business School's ultra-flexible and customisable MBA will inspire,
challenge and connect you.
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The MBA | London Business School

48 Folder Collection
Shinichiro published on November 29, 2019
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