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- [Trent] There is a little bit of room for you there.
- [Mark] Oh, hang on a second guys, Coyotes calling
actually, it's a FaceTime.
- [Coyote] Mark, Mario, Trent.
The three of you are going to be given the chance to compete
in the greatest competition of all time.
There's going to be fire,
there's going to be Hershey's chocolate.
All you need to do is follow the GPS coordinates
tacked to this video message right now.
I will see all three of you very, very soon.
This video's sponsored by Hershey's.
- [Mark] All right well, I mean, I'm in.
Are you guy's in?
- [Trent] Yeah let's do it.
- [Mark] Fire, Hershey's, let's do it.
- [Mario] I'm always up for a challenge.
- [Coyote] Fire!
- [Mark] What do you think we're walking into?
We know there's Hershey's, we know there's fire,
I'm automatically thinking s'mores, like,
we're making s'mores but, he was a little to excited
for just cooking s'mores.
There's something afoot, he's up to something.
(upbeat jungle music)
(birds chirping)
- [Mark] All right guys, we made it.
Let's go see what we've got ourselves into.
(dramatic western music)
- [Coyote] Gentleman, welcome,
to the Hershey's s'mores competition.
Mark, you look like you're ready to roast some marshmallows.
Mario, kinda looks like you showed up for the wrong
competition, the only thing you're gonna be catching
tonight is probably some delicious s'mores.
And Trent, good looking beard,
but I have a feeling that by the end of the night,
that thing is going to be sticky with marshmallows.
Before we get started, first,
let's take a look at our ingredients.
Marshmallows, graham cracker, Hershey's milk chocolate.
Now if you chose to not just use the classic 1894 edition
you can also get into some of the other elaborate flavors.
Now you could put it together just graham crackers,
marshmallows and chocolate but if you wanna get wild
you gotta use the toppings.
We've got cherries, we've got honey
and then of course we've got peanut butter.
Now, my watch will time you out
and you have an exact 30 minute window
to make the worlds best s'more.
In my pocket here, I have the s'mores scores.
There are four main points to which we will be gauging
the quality of your s'mores.
Technique, presentation, taste
and then of course last but not least,
bravery and wildness because what fun is making s'mores
unless you're gonna be brave about it and get a little wild.
Let's start the clocks.
The fire ring is yours.
(dramatic music)
- [Mark] First thing I wanna do is take a look
at the ingredients.
Grahams look good,
now the trick is you wanna use the underside,
the outside is actually a little bit softer,
better to bite into.
Hey what's going on over here?
- [Mario] Getting my stuff man.
- [Mark] Coming in my kitchen over here.
Coyote is, he's an outdoor guy,
so I'm gonna try to do an adventure themed,
animal themed s'more.
I'm not sure how that's gonna go but we're gonna try.
Here's one of the things about these marshmallows,
a lot of people are drawn to the large marshmallow,
when in fact the smaller ones are tastier
because they get a little bit more char,
they cook a little bit more perfect than the bigger cousin.
So, we're definitely gonna go with the double
of the smaller marshmallows today.
I think I am gonna go with a special version
of the Hershey's chocolate bar,
I'm gonna go with Cookies N' Creme.
- [Trent] I am going to use a gigantic marshmallow
'cause I'm going to cut out the center of it
and insert two cherries on the inside,
we're gonna stick peanut butter in,
to seal off the marshmallow
so the maraschino cherries don't fall out.
Then, I'm gonna take it and hold it over the fire,
slow roast it and right when it's about warm,
boom, sear it.
- [Coyote] The guys are officially starting the creation
of their s'mores.
I've given a look at everybody's technique,
Trents is interesting,
although I don't think he's thinking about the fact
that as soon as that peanut butter gets hot it's gonna melt
and that cherry is probably going to fall out.
Mario, I feel like he's just thinking about catching snakes
or something because he keeps burning marshmallows
left and right.
Now when it comes to Marks Technique, I like what I see.
He's using the titanium skewer to cook two marshmallows
at exactly the same time,
which gives him double the opportunity
to make the perfect marshmallow to put in between
his Cookies N' Creme chocolate.
- [Mario] Perfect, got the charred ends on the outside
then you've got that soft, gooey one inside.
This Is definitely to much for one person but that's okay,
I've built this so you can share with your friends.
Coyote could pick one person out of the group to share
it with, hopefully it's me 'cause looks delicious.
All right, next step, my secret ingredients,
creating a whole ecosystem in the s'mores.
(sniffing sound)
- [Coyote] You know what that smell is?
S'mores, the light is getting low in the sky
which means that we're coming to a close
with the ultimate s'mores competition.
Who's gonna win the grand prize?
Will it be Mark, with his perfect technique?
Will it be Trent, with his cherry stuffed s'more?
Or will it be Mario, with the massive,
super graham, ultimate Hersey's chocolate s'more?
Let's head back over to the fire ring
and see how these s'mores have stacked up.
Now when I think about s'mores
and I dive all the way back to childhood,
I'm all about getting those fingers sticky,
it's not a s'more if it's not sticky.
So I think I'm gonna actually start with Trent,
I considered him the underdog,
I also thought that he would be covered in marshmallow
by the time this competition came to a close,
but thus far he appears to be free of marshmallows,
and in turn, free of ants.
So here we go Trent.
The sticky satisfaction is something to write home about,
this is the kind of s'more
that I would share with my friends, maybe even my family.
Wow, I'll tell you what I didn't get a bite of,
the maraschino cherry.
A jumbo marshmallow, plus peanut butter, plus a cherry
makes it hard to enjoy all in one bite.
Something to take into consideration upon final judging.
I don't even know what to say,
about this creation,
this looks like a dangerous s'more to pick up.
Oh this is a mess, we've got burnt marshmallows,
it's all falling apart.
Definitely sharable but when it comes to a single serving
this is definitely one that poses extreme challenge.
What I'm gonna have to do Mario,
I'm gonna have to take a combination of all things at once.
Piece of marshmallow, a little lick of chocolate,
a cherry and top it off with a bite of graham cracker.
The taste, complicated, I got a lot going on here,
I can't really tell this is a s'more
or if this is an ice cream, bug covered sundae.
Let me,
wipe the stickiness from my face because this,
(dramatic music)
that, is what the perfect,
Hersey's s'more should look like.
But how will it size up when it comes to Trents
with the taste test.
Here, we go.
(dramatic music)
The crunch,
the marshmallow,
the Cookies N' Creme,
makes it a little dry,
that is a s'more
right there and it is delicious.
I must say gentleman,
a round of marshmallow sticky claps.
When it comes to the type of s'mores
that I would be comfortable sharing with my friends,
my family these all hit the mark perfectly.
So I am proud to announce,
that our winner, of the grand prize,
in the Hershey's ultimate s'mores competition,
will be,
(dramatic music)
- [Mark] Told you traditional would win! All right.
- [Coyote] Congratulations Mark,
you have won the grand prize,
a five pound Hershey's chocolate bar.
- [Mark] Is this real?
- [Coyote] That is as real as it gets.
- [Mark] Oh my goodness.
- [Coyote] A big thanks to Hershey's
for sponsoring this video.
I'm Coyote Peter saying be brave, stay wild,
pick up s'mores ingredients this summer.
We'll see you on the next Location.
- [Mark] Hey Coyote, we have more ingredients,
you guys wanna make some more s'mores?
- [Coyote] Let's make some s'mores!
(upbeat music)
(birds chirping)
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The Great S'mores Cook-Off!

114 Folder Collection
林韋志 published on November 27, 2019
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