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- Friend Zone?
Is this part of some game?
What are you talking about?
I put you here?
- Yeah, this is where guys go
when dumb girls like you don't realize
they should like us in a romantic way.
And the way we want them to,
and exactly when we feel it,
but not before, because ew.
♪ First you add sugar ♪
♪ Then you add spice ♪
♪ Forget the sugar ♪
♪ Very good advice ♪
♪ She's sweet ♪
♪ She's sweet ♪
♪ She's sweeten ♪
(tinkling music)
(crashes) (grunts)
- It is I, the Good Advice Cupcake!
(cat meows)
Welcome to my good advice show,
where I, the smartest (tinkling)
and sexiest talking cupcake around
answer your questions!
All right, let's see here who we're helping today.
(clicks) (hums)
- Hey Cuppy.
Okay, so, my best friend for three years,
and he told me he liked me,
and I did not feel the same way.
And he hasn't spoken to me ever since.
I was just wondering if you could help me
find a way to speak to him again.
Oh, I am, I miss him a lot.
He was my best friend.
- Oh, girl, have I been through this?
This is a classic tale of what some men
like to so wrongfully call "friendzoning."
Let me tell you a story passed down
from many generations of female-identifying cupcakes
in my family that may be of help to you.
Princess Cookie and the Land of the Friendzone!
Once upon a time, there was a beautiful,
ingenious, sexy as (bleep) chocolate chip filled princess.
- (scoffs) Yeah, sure.
- [Cuppy] She loved to laugh and play
and have fun and look sexy all the time!
- I don't know if that's entirely accurate.
- [Cuppy] I said she was smart and sexy!
- Okay, okay, calm down, sheesh.
Well, what she says is pretty true,
but mostly I like to have fun.
Oh, hey, look now, there's my buddy
and favorite person to play with, Sir Macaron.
Hey Mac, what's up, buddy?
- Hey, Princess Cookie.
Eh, I'm just chillin', makin' some wishes,
you know, whatever.
- Aw, fun, I'm gonna make a wish too.
(squeak) (groans)
Um, I wish that Mac and me stay best friends forever
so we can always play games and have fun together.
Now, let's go play!
- Yeah, best friends forever.
- [Snail] I'm okay!
It's great down here, actually.
Lots of snails and water and (bleep).
Thanks for throwin' me in!
- [Cuppy] These two had been playing
since the day they were born.
Their time together was special.
Cookie felt seen
and they just got each other.
In Cookie's mind, nothing could ruin their friendship.
But she was wrong.
- Okay, I have three kings, two elves, and one sugar cookie!
Beat that!
- Uh, I uh--
- Are you okay, dude?
- Uh, yeah, totally.
I, uh, I have all the hearts for you!
Yeah, you have all my hearts.
- What?
That's not a hand.
- Uh, I know.
- I guess I win? (rustles)
- I mean, I know it wasn't a hand,
I just wanted to tell you that
you have my heart. (record scratch)
(zipping) - Oh.
Uh, okay.
I mean, that's great and all,
and I care about you too,
but, like, as a friend.
- What?
- Let's play another round!
(dramatic harp music)
I haven't heard from Mac in like four weeks.
(dog whines)
This can't be because I don't have
romantic feelings for him, can it?
(spring) That's it,
I'm putting together a royal search party and finding him.
(dog whines)
- [Cuppy] Cookie looked every for Mac.
- We won't give up until we find Mac.
- [Cuppy] They searched the swamplands,
and the gardens,
and beaches and mountains.
- He's close!
This way! (horse neighs)
(ominous echoes)
What is this place?
(creepy strings)
Friend Zone?
Everybody wait here,
I'll investigate myself.
(ominous music) Uh, hello?
Is anyone in here?
Mac? (match lighting)
(dramatic horns)
What are you doing here?
What is this place?
- It's the Friend Zone.
You put me here when you didn't return my feelings of love.
(guitar chord)
- But I do love you.
- Yeah, but--
- Not the way you want me to.
(record scratch) - Friend Zone!
- Friend Zone?
Is this part of some game?
What are you talking about?
I put you here?
- Yeah, this is where guys go when dumb girls like you
don't realize they should like us in a romantic way.
And the way we want them to,
and exactly when we feel it,
but not before, because ew.
- Um, excuse me?
Dumb girls?
Just because a girl doesn't wanna kiss your sticky faces
doesn't mean she's not worth having as a friend!
The fact that you all disappear from your friendships
just because it's not exactly how you want it to be
makes you cowards.
No friend owes you anything,
and if you can't deal with that,
then you're not worthy of their friendship
in the first place.
(thunk) (grunt)
Mac, this place is just as fictional
as the lands we make up in our games.
You're better than this.
What do you say?
Are you man enough to be just my friend?
- You know what?
I think I am.
(slapping) (triumphant fanfare)
- Well, I'm staying here forever
and I hate all girls now.
- [Cookie] Okay, bye! (grunt)
- And they lived as just friends happily ever after.
And that, my friends, is how Cookie got her friend back.
Now, as well as this tale went for Cookie,
this is also a cautionary tale!
It doesn't always go this way.
Cookie was lucky that Mac was able to see her point
and talk openly about it.
You should also be able to respect his feelings
and be understanding if he needs some space.
Just know that if your friend can't see the value
in your friendship without you being
romantically interested in him,
sadly, he isn't really a friend worth having.
Good luck, Urwa!
We believe in you!
(spring) (meows)
Until next time, friends, stay strong!
(boom) (sparkling)
(music box tinkling)
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How To Deal With The Friend Zone

63 Folder Collection
ayami published on November 27, 2019
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