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(accordion music)
- Ah, I'm tell you, I feel sorry if I have to retire.
You know why?
I have so many customers that say,
"Alex, you never retire."
I say, "No, one day I'll have to retire, no?"
(accordion music)
(Greek style accordion music)
My name is Alex Carozza
and I fix accordions since 1960 in New York.
The people comes from all over the world
to fix the accordion cause they say
that I'm the best, I don't know.
This sometime breaks, you have to change.
Very difficult.
I'm the only one in New York that
fix accordions in this moment, you know?
See, I fix the accordion and I lose the customer
because I fix the accordion correctly.
I have this one for example, take a look.
This is a very old accordion.
At least this accordion is 75 years old.
- [Interviewer] How old are you?
- Ha, if I tell you, you won't believe it.
I'm 88.
You believe it?
I swear.
How old is him?
If I tell you 93 you won't believe it.
We working together 60 years.
Since 1949.
- Like yesterday, yeah?
- Yeah, looks like yesterday right?
(accordion music)
You gotta understand, an instrument is like a
some part of your life.
You care for the instrument more than anything else.
I love this more than anything else.
It's not the money sometimes in life.
If you are healthy and happy, money doesn't count.
This is what I believe.
Maybe I'm wrong but,
now you have all my secrets (chuckling).
It's good.
(accordion music)
Just like that.
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New York City's Last Accordion Repairman

90 Folder Collection
許大善 published on November 26, 2019
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