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(ethereal music)
(water splashing)
- [Julien] When you enter a cenote
it's really like going into another world.
Like leaving the planet behind.
This is a feeling of really exploring something new.
And I feel very lucky to be able to see that.
(ethereal music)
(water bubbling)
My name is Julien Borde.
I've been free diving and scuba diving
for the last 15 years.
Going many different location,
always trying to find the best diving spot.
(water gurgling)
Though cenotes are caves,
all the cenotes are connected to each others.
And the water goes and flows
from one cenote to another cenote to end up in the sea.
(ethereal music)
The first time you go into a cenote
it's something you don't see anywhere else.
It's completely different experience
than diving in the ocean.
At the beginning it can be a little bit scary.
But really quickly,
the beauty of the place will just take over.
(chimes ringing)
Some cenotes are very welcoming,
sometimes, so big and so clear,
that it really gives you the sensation
you go into a church and you don't want to talk too loud
to not disturb anyone.
And some of the cenotes are really so polluted like
an atmosphere more like hell
with dead trees on the bottom and sulfur.
The Mayans were using the cenotes
for a very long time.
Basically the land where we are
that's the place where the living people lives
and then underneath the cenotes,
into the ground was the place for the dead.
Every cenote have a different personality,
but I also think that here you affect your own personality.
(ethereal music)
At some point you kind of enter into like a meditation state.
It is, for me, completely priceless.
(ethereal music)
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Exploring Mystical Underwater Caves

438 Folder Collection
許大善 published on November 26, 2019
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