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(uplifting orchestral music)
- Ralph Waldo Emerson once quoted that,
"Nothing great can ever be achieved without enthusiasm."
Might have a lot of enthusiasm.
This is Northlandz in Flemington, New Jersey.
Northlandz is the world's largest model railroad.
Well, I guess, you know, everybody has a passion for something.
My thing was trains.
I had trains around the Christmas tree as a kid.
Wherever I lived, I'm planning track plans,
and then over 18 years I added five basements
onto the house.
And from that I got fairly good at making mountains,
and bridges, and design work.
And we decided to give it to the world,
so we tore it all down,
bought this land, built Northlandz.
Any given day we run between 85 and 90 trains.
Some of the details in Northlandz inside,
about 40,000 feet of track,
'bout 4,000 buildings,
over 400 bridges.
Many of the mountains in here are 3 1/2 stories high.
Most things in here are scratch built.
Underneath the entire super structure there's enough lumber
to build about 42 large houses.
Takes a few hours to go through
for the average person to see everything.
We went millions into debt to build this place.
Everybody thought we were nuts.
And the only one that believed
in what I wanted to do was my wife,
and she was totally with me on this big time.
It's an artistic endeavor.
It's a gift to the world of what I can do,
and it makes a lot of people happy.
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79 Folder Collection
許大善 published on November 26, 2019
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