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- [Voiceover] This is a Japanese giant salamander.
It is massive.
This primeval amphibian can grow up to
five feet long and weigh over 50 pounds,
making it one of the largest salamanders
to ever crawl the face of the Earth.
Despite it's primitive look,
the Japanese giant salamander is highly evolved.
It is covered head to tail with specialized cells
that detect tiny vibrations in its environment.
When it detects a threat, it excretes
a strong-smelling ooze that smells like a Japanese pepper,
hence, its common Japanese name, giant pepper fish.
The Japanese giant salamander is entirely aquatic,
and spends its life in clear, cool flowing streams.
It has no gills, but instead
absorbs oxygen through its skin.
If left alone, the Japanese giant salamander
will live a long life.
This one is 26 years old, and in the wild
they can live to be nearly 80.
But pollution of its river habitat, and over collection,
are threatening this fascinating primordial creature.
This is the Japanese giant salamander.
(restless music)
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This Primeval Amphibian Has a Peppery Edge

115 Folder Collection
許大善 published on November 24, 2019
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