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Alright guys, I’m in Aruba right now.
Celebrating my 5 years anniversary with my girl friend
I'm gonna prank her tonight
by telling her that I cheated on her.
Isn't it cute? yeah. Can I have a second?
Just sit up come on
What? come here baby, I gotta talk to you.
I gotta tell you some it's gonna be the worst evil I've ever did in my life
I swear to GOD. I'll never do it again.
I fucked it up
What did you do?
Three weeks ago, I was in LA
No... I met a stupid girl
Just a one....
why did you do that
Just one night baby
I swear to GOD, I'll never do it again.
Like I can't sleep and eat nothing right now.
I know it's the worst time we're celebrating our anniversary.
We'll have a family.
I know...
God I know, I'm so sorry.
I just even don't know how to say.
I cheated on you.
I'm cheating on you, too
you did..what did you say? you did not cheat on me.
Did you cheat on me?
Britney, yo, did you cheat...
Yeah I'm cheating, sorry you're cheating on me
You're fucking cheating on me
No you did not.
No you didn't
Before my heart's killing me Did you cheat on me?
Hey did you cheat on me?
You're fucking cheating on me
Are you fucking serious?
You're fucking serious right now
You fucking... with who
Yo.. talk. OMG my fucking god you'd better lie to me
You'd better fucking god lie to me
You fucking lying to me?
I saw you set up your camera. you idiot.
What ....... Oh my fucking god..
No way
haha You did cheat on me?
No.. I might've a heart attack.. I can't believe..
I thought you're gonna propose to me.
Oh my god.
I suck. so I can't upload it on youtube
Oh god. I thought you're gonna propose.
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Anniversary Prank Backfires!!

30419 Folder Collection
Halu Hsieh published on November 23, 2013    Rosa translated
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