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The longer the distance affects you,
the worse for the relationship.
Of course, distance relationships have a chance to survive
even 5 years, but with each month of separation
the likelihood of breakup increases.
For example,
the distance affects only 50% of relationships breakups
if they last one year,
but as much as 95% of couples
break up after 5 years of being separated for so long.
Therefore, the first principle
is the pursuit of a solution to this obstacle
as soon as possible.
If there is no chance that in the near future
you live closer to each other,
the prospects of making this relationship last are low.
Strive for common meetings,
but not at the expense of your emotions in the balance.
It's a great idea to swap visiting duties every time if possible,
but if you're the one doing more,
you should probably show a bit less interest,
even if it means fewer meetings.
If you're the one to travel more often
because the other person is too lazy,
it can easily lead to the collapse of the balance of feelings
and consequently to the breakup of the relationship.
Instead of telephone calls or text messages,
you should talk via Skype.
It's better to talk even briefly
and see each other on a screen
than exchanged a few messages.
In this way it's easier to maintain
and develop the relationship between you.
Skype conversation is almost like a mini meeting.
Meanwhile, writing text messages
or chatting on Facebook,
you don't see your emotions,
so the communication channel is very limited.
Don't ever force the other person to contact you.
If they don't want to talk to you
or don't want to meet even if you plan the meeting,
it makes no sense to argue over it.
You cannot convince them to do anything by force.
Requiring your partner to do something that's against their will,
shows in a very negative way
how much you care about them
and simply breaks the balance of feelings.
This principle applies to almost every relationship,
though people who live in long distance relationships
often make this mistake.
Distance relationships are very susceptible to jealousy.
It's natural that if you're not around,
your boyfriend or girlfriend will want to go out
and meet other people.
The guiding principle in this case is to give them freedom.
Pretensions and prohibitions won't stop your partner
from cheating on you.
In addition, you'll make that person lie to you
and not tell you about them going out.
Besides, showing jealousy is another negative way
to show how much you care
and you lose attractiveness.
If you want to check out your relationship's condition,
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Long distance relationship - the 5 most important rules

149 Folder Collection
ayami published on November 22, 2019
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