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I was actually really excited about the whole experience of freediving.
It's a sport that terrifies me in a way, so…
- Morning. - Hey. Morning.
- Hello. - How are you?
- It's a real pleasure to meet you. - Nice to meet you. Likewise, I'm excited.
Let's have a seat.
So, I was excited, but I was really nervous.
- The goal of this journey is to enjoy. - Yeah.
Really enjoy it.
You know, I love the ocean.
Being in the middle of the ocean, not a massive fan.
Shark phobia. I mean, everyone has that.
Of course, it's a very large, wild area.
- Yeah. - But there are no bad monsters.
- Are you sure? - Yeah, I'm sure.
For him, it's easy. Everything comes so naturally.
But for me, there's so many things in my head to worry about.
Freediving, it's an excellent way to listen to your body, to feel alive.
When you inhale, try to put your belly in front of you.
And when you exhale, try to contract your abdominal, you know?
Three… Two… One...
Relax. Relax.
You can stay a little bit if you want. As you want.
Look at me. OK sign. And 2:40.
- 2:40? - Yeah.
My expectations were to get back onto land safe.
You know, being out there thinking,
“OK, I have to control my breathing. I have to be calm.”
But I'm in the middle of the ocean with the waves.
These are the moments where you're born to dare.
And it's putting yourself in situations where you get challenged,
where you're uncomfortable.
And I like those things. I like to be challenged.
And I like to feel uncomfortable in situations,
because it sometimes, most of the time, brings the best out in me.
I have a whole new perspective on freediving.
But I must admit,
this is one of the toughest challenges that I'd ever done.
It was really inspiring. And definitely, I will do it again.
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TUDOR: Dare to Dive - David Beckham & Morgan Bourc'his

156 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on November 21, 2019
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