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I love travelling
I love the movement and change
exploring and discovering
Meeting new people with their stories
and enjoying moments of rest in cozy places
Like this coffee stop in guitar workshop and cafe in Odawara
I finally discovered Hakone
My first ever experience with onsen
We have sashimi
variety of sweets
This is so fatty
I taste all the flavors of this fish
light touch of soy-sauce
and here we go
I think this one has a bit of vinegar
Let's go to meguro
One more taste
It just dissolves in my mouth
I'm telling you
This is gorgeous
That huge wild boar
blocked the road and terrified sweat out of me
But the next morning, luckily
i didn't meet him during my running challenge
I guess that is my favorite day of the challenge
The wonder and fascination
of the Hakone Volcano
and active sulphur and hot steam vents
It's very beautiful
it's white!
smells weird
simple egg
Just plain egg
It just looks beautiful
And I felt like a pirate
on the board of Lake Ashi sightseeing ship
Adventures all the way!
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Episode 12, where I visit Hakone

219 Folder Collection
Yukiko published on November 19, 2019
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