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but denying his genetic talents would have denied
the world of one of the century's
Bill Skarsgård was predestined for the stage
His father, Stellan Skarsgård, known for
his roles in 'Good Will Hunting,'
'Amistad,' and the 'Mama Mia' films,
would turn his films' productions into
family vacations for his wife
and eight children.
Like you're 8 years old and you're on a set
and your dad's like– your dad is your dad
but like on set he has a gun,
fake mustache and like the whole thing.
So for me, like as a kid, that's what
you do being a kid. Playing like
with your friends. So the appeal of
this imaginary, fantastical way
of just being paid and being an adult
an d acting like a child
I think was planted at a very young age.
Bill's first acting credit was at the age of 9
alongside his older brother Alexander
in the Swedish coming-of-age flick
'White Water Fury,' which was released in 2000.
Bill spent the next decade using his father's
connections and natural talent to
book small roles, but he
His rebellion even led him to major in science
in high school, joking that
he would become a doctor.
However, when he read the script for
Hannes Holm's 'Behind Blue Skies,'
his passion was ignited.
Bill landed that role, and three years later
realized his breakout star potential in
Netflix's 'Hemlock Grove.'
'Sheeit. Sheeit. Sheeit.'
While Bill was portraying cocky,
sex-obsessed vampire Roman Godfrey,
Alexander was finishing up his own
blood-sucking tenure on HBO's 'True Blood'
and preparing to take on the role of
a former rainforest Adonis in
'The Legend of Tarzan.'
His older brother Gustaf has starred in
History's 'Vikings' and HBO's 'Westworld,'
while little brother Valter brings up
the rear of the Skarsgård actors
with a majority of his acting credits
being in Sweden so far.
Bill has also held supporting roles in
the third installment of the 'Divergent'
franchise, 'Allegiant,' and the
Charlize Theron led 'Atomic Blonde,'
but it's undeniable that he was born
for the sinister side of cinema.
For 'IT,' a reimagining of the 1990
mini-series based on Stephen King's
1986 novel, Bill transforms into
the demonic dancing clown Pennywise,
who plagues the town of Derry
every 27 years by kidnapping
and feasting on its children.
"Tasty, tasty, beautiful fear"
He often tells the story of driving to
his audition in full clown-face and
laughing maniacally to get into character,
but the fact that
is less well known.
"I wanted to give Pennywise a
wild eye because in my vision of the
character is sometimes his eye would fall off.
And something very cute and sweet turns
into something much more unsettling
because he has that weird balance
So when I mentioned that
I wanted to do that digitally he said,
'I can do it.'
I had kind of a lazy eye and
I can like make it go."
'IT: Chapter 2,' featuring an
all-grown-up Loser's Club, will premiere
in fall of 2019. Meanwhile, Bill is
still exploring the world of Stephen King
in Hulu's “Castle Rock.'
This 10-episode miniseries pulls from
King's stories to create a thrilling
and unsettling multiverse.
Bill started the Keto Diet before
filming to lose weight because he wanted to
enhance his mysterious character's creepiness with
No doubt, Bill Skarsgård has given children
nightmares and horror fans wet dreams.
"I like dark stories, dark characters,
it's fun. I don't like doing the same thing
over and over again. So I'll do
a happy rom-com next, I think."
[Creepy laugh]
His family ties might have gotten him
into the acting business, but the
commitment and fearlessness that
he brings to every role has propelled him
into an eerily affecting league of his own.
"You'll flat down here. We all float down here"-
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The Evolution Of Bill Skarsgård | NowThis

72 Folder Collection
ayane published on November 19, 2019
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