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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:01,950 Be honest.
What's it like to live with me?
Well, the past six months have definitely been
the best six months of my life.
00:00:10,740 --> 00:00:12,510 I mean, independence is nice and all.
But then to have someone to share it with
is just very, very nice.
00:00:19,830 --> 00:00:21,549 When Ethan I first got married,
I was really shocked at the differences in how we grew up
and how I would make a movie reference
or start singing a song.
He'd say, I have no clue what that is.
Where is that from?
And it was just a good reminder to me
that even though we both grew up in
conservative homeschool families,
people do things so different.
Where's that quote from?
From "Cinderella."
Do you recognize it?
I took him to his first basketball game.
I took him to his first time in the movies.
Since we've gotten married, it's been a long process of, like,
introducing him to all these different things,
and just let him get his feet wet
and see what he thinks about stuff.
Olivia has introduced me to some TV shows.
She watched more TV growing up than I did.
We didn't ever watch TV shows.
One of the big ones that we've been watching lately
is "Friends."
It's a really funny one.
I like that.
Or also, the little monkey.
And I think my favorite actor in "Friends" would be Chandler.
00:01:19,830 --> 00:01:22,160 He kind of seems like he does stuff I would do.
00:01:23,660 --> 00:01:25,229 I have a question for you.
Since you've moved away from the farm,
do you think that life there has changed
at all for the rest of them?
I bet Mariah really misses you at the farm.
Obviously, we're a family, and we're going to do things
the way we choose to do them.
And we allow a lot of different things in our home
that his parents wouldn't, and that's just a personal choice.
When we got married, and we moved in here,
and we had alcohol in the home, that
was a big source of tension.
We'd want to go out for ice cream,
and that would create conflict, because then it would be like,
well, you shouldn't be eating sugar.
And we would be like, well, we're adults.
We can make that decision ourselves.
It looks funny to see you drinking
out of a cup that says hers.
By the time I was 20 years old,
I had never had a Coke before.
I really had no idea what it would taste like.
I took a video of it.
I'll remember it forever.
This is my first Coke.
00:02:24,142 --> 00:02:25,280 That's really good.
00:02:26,770 --> 00:02:29,260 Hey, cheers.
00:02:31,760 --> 00:02:32,560 I liked it.
I really did like it.
I saved my little can.
I'm going to, like, write the date on it.
And 20 years old, my first Coke.
00:02:40,390 --> 00:02:42,329 I liked it.
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20-Year-Old Drinks His First Coke! | Welcome to Plathville

143 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 18, 2019
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