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- YouTube, Cesar Millan,
I am here in Santo Domingo, República Dominicana.
I finished a show last night,
this is my first time in this gorgeous island.
We planted a seed.
They are definitely becoming more the society of dog lovers.
They're becoming more understanding how important is empathy
and compassion for animals.
We still see dogs in the streets,
but, you know, you have to start someplace.
For me, it's more important,
the blaming or pointing fingers,
for me it's to bring the education.
I think, the most important thing we can bring to people
is make them conscious of what they're doing right,
and what they're doing wrong, and so that way we are
practicing better humans, better planet.
But the next episode I wanna show you,
the next clip I wanna show you,
it's a live show I did in Sweden.
You know, the shows that I do are worldwide.
To me, it's important to spread the message everywhere.
I'm gonna show you a clip about a dog named Troy,
where I'm teaching the owner,
which I'm teaching the audience.
Let me show you how to teach a dog how to stay calm
in front of food by the dog using a sense of smell.
Cause most people want to teach a dog
based on the ears and the eyes, like,
"Stay, leave it, drop it," all the stuff.
To me, the most important part is when a dog actually learn
doing his most important powerful scent, which is his nose.
So enjoy the clip.
Watch all the little details that I follow.
One of them that you're gonna see
is when a dog started yawning, when Troy started yawning.
And then, seconds later,
you see how he settles down and understand.
So it's very important to see the signs
before the dog actually calms down,
cause a lot of people don't like to wait
more than three seconds.
So enjoy the clip!
(energetic music)
(claps hands)
- Hi you both, how are you?
- [Troy's Owner] I'm fine. - [Cesar] Very good.
It's all right, you don't have to put the leash,
that's okay. - [Troy's Owner] Okay.
- [Cesar] We just wanna, look, look at his nose, see look.
Okay, so you can see.
So you know, as you see Troy right now,
is in what you can see that he's in an excited state, yes?
Mild, not high, but if you see that he is, you know,
exploring and excited, but if you come and,
this is our first meeting, if you go, and go,
"Oh my God, Troy!" (audience laughs)
Then your gonna send Troy to another level, yes?
And that becomes your first meeting,
that becomes your first imprint,
so the dog will remember you as that source.
All right, may I have food?
So, I'm gonna, I'm gonna add, a layer.
I'm gonna add a layer of a scent because, you know,
whatever you step on, you know, is a layer of,
you know, whatever it is and then sweating and all of that.
So you have your own smell,
on top of that we're gonna bring another scent.
So we gonna excite the brain a lot more, don't ya think?
(audience agrees) Yeah, because
it's like a layer, like a cake,
you have a whole bunch of smells.
All right, but it's how you approach
that they relate the smell of something, what that means.
Okay, okay, just stay right there.
- [Troy's Owner] Okay. - Relax, yeah.
So no touch, no talk, no eye contact to the dog,
you can talk to the human, you can do whatever you want.
It's just the energy towards the dog is calmness
and the energy to the human can be excited,
and they know the difference.
Okay we comin' in. - Okay.
- [Cesar] Don't pull the leash, just let it be.
Just let it be.
Don't pull the leash, don't pull the leash.
Yeah, he have to figure out,
the leash is just for boundaries.
That's all right, don't worry about it, don't worry.
- Okay. - So we gonna
ignore the behavior. - Yeah
- And then once he does the behavior we want
that's when we reward with food, with toys or affection.
Right? - Yeah
- So we're not ignoring Troy, we're ignoring the behavior.
Right, because this is our first time meeting,
so if we have a baby we want a dog to be calm
in front of the baby. - Yeah.
- But most grown-ups, they actually create excitement first.
- Okay. - Yeah, so that,
right there he gives you distance.
Distance is respect, and then slowly they calm down.
Yeah, but we still have a conversation
and the dog is participating
from an instinctual point of view.
- Okay.
- You see my point? - Mm-hmm.
- So the human gets to have the, you know,
the ears, eyes, nose, and they get to have nose, eyes, ears.
So with a dog it's nose, eyes, ears.
Human, it's ears, eyes, nose.
You see my point?
- Yeah. - Yeah.
So food is right here, we're not limiting, you know,
we're not moving it away.
It's right there, but what we claiming it,
so by the way I'm holding the food I'm actually claiming it.
Excitement, no problem.
There you go.
See it?
(audience applauds)
There you go.
Then you give it.
(whooshing sound)
- So at the end,
you see how Troy gets a little bit more excited.
So it gets worse before it gets better.
So that's a good sign.
You have to understand, you have to learn
to read the signs so the dog is communicating.
Cause the dogs are always communicating.
Mother Nature is always communicating.
So, when Troy yawns and then right after he yawns,
he gets a little bit excited.
What he's saying is he's letting all the exciting go.
And then right after that, he settles down,
sits down and look.
As soon as he do that, that's when we reward the behavior.
So what we're doing is space, calmness,
waiting, nose, eyes, ears.
Now you have exactly the spirit of a dog,
the heart of a dog, and the instincts of a dog
understanding their ritual.
And the symbolic meaning that is we're asking,
the formula we want them to understand.
YouTube thank you for watching!
We are gonna get natural, simple, and profound,
and I promise you, we're gonna take the relationship
to the next level or to the level it was meant to be.
Love you very much.
Enjoy the channel.
(energetic music)
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How To Calm An Excited Dog (First Meeting) - Live Dog Demo!

117 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 18, 2019
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