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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:02,490 I've done this show for 17 seasons.
And just like me, each year it just keeps getting hotter.
Sometimes, things happen that are too hot for TV.
But I show them anyway because you deserve to see the truth.
00:00:18,720 --> 00:00:21,119 Let's see what else you have in here.
What's that?
Birth control.
I don't know what that looks like.
Name three curse words you say the most.
What's your favorite curse word?
[BLEEP] me.
Favorite G-rated curse word.
G-rated curse word, [BLEEP].
I once went on a blind date with a guy, an adult man,
who had braces.
Why is it so bad that someone had--
They hurt.
They hurt your "pikachu."
Everything hurts, OK.
What did you say?
It's that-- my little special spot.
That's what I call it.
Last season, you had a product that you were--
that we-- we can't talk about on this show,
but it's a very popular product.
And you got some--
You can say, vibrator.
I don't think we can.
00:01:19,600 --> 00:01:20,320 I guess we can.
What is your favorite body part on A-Rod?
What could you not do without?
I'm going to say--
I love his arms.
All right.
Well, what's your favorite?
I love his penis.
I really do.
00:01:47,631 --> 00:01:51,082 [CROWD CHEERING]
00:02:00,000 --> 00:02:02,770 I know you are worried about your outfit,
and now I realize why.
We just got married at city hall.
And then-- I also didn't want to torture my friends
and make them be bridesmaids.
Do you want to spend, like, $150 on this bogus-ass dress that
That you'll never wear again.
--never gonna wear again, and spend a weekend
with a bunch of bitches that you don't know?
And then you're celebrating them and they're, like,
here's a penis necklace.
Here's a penis hat.
Let's play pin the penis on the penis.
And I'm, like, if I'm about to get married,
I don't want to wear a penis candy necklace.
I want a real penis that's not the penis I'm going to have
You know?
I have to say, that's the record number of the times someone
has said penis within 60 seconds.
That was-- congratulations, you win a 65" TCL Roku TV.
Strip culture is really popular right now.
And I've noticed that there are a lot of lazy ones
that aren't really putting forth a lot of effort.
00:03:10,530 --> 00:03:11,530 Did you see my twerking?
Did you see what I did?
Let me see it.
00:03:18,530 --> 00:03:19,460 No, no, no.
How do I do it?
00:03:27,413 --> 00:03:29,330 That'll get you a couple of bucks right there.
Craziest place you've had sex?
00:03:41,862 --> 00:03:43,820 'Cause I know you love games, and I love games.
So what they give you the hospital
are these breathing things right?
And whoever can suck their balls the hardest, wins.
OK, ready?
You suck, not blow?
You-- of course I'd have to teach her.
00:04:02,030 --> 00:04:02,630 Yes, Ellen.
00:04:05,630 --> 00:04:07,780 We'll be back.
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The Too Hot for TV Moments You Deserve to See

55 Folder Collection
294701639 published on November 17, 2019
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