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-Thank you for dressing up. Oh, my gosh. You're spooky.
This is spooking me out. It's freaky. Happy Halloween.
What are you?
-Okay, it has a really long explanation,
which makes my costume, like, you know,
very characteristically weird and awkward,
because it's not like I'm a dead baseball player.
My girlfriend is a dead cheerleader.
She's, like, a fearleader.
And she was like, "You know, when people ask us
what we are, we should just be like,
"Well, we're socially irrelevant,
hetero-normative gender roles that are dead.
-Wow! Oh, my gosh. How 2019 of you.
-I know. It's embarrassing. -I'm so happy you dressed up.
Do you normally -- What is your go-to Halloween costume?
-I like to be a vampire. Yeah. -You can't.
-I know. -You can't.
-Well, I like people to talk about me.
You know what I mean?
-But you're in the "Twilight" movies.
You can't be the vampire.
-No, but it's more like "Lost Boys."
-Ooh! it is "Lost Boys." Ooh! I like that.
Do you go all out?
Do you decorate your house and everything?
-Yes. -You do?
-Yes. I do. Well, I have done, yeah.
-Yeah, I don't really go for it that much.
I don't really like to get scared or any of that stuff.
-Oh, really? -I'm not really into that.
No, no. -I don't get scared.
-You never get scared? -I don't get scared.
-Boo! -[ Laughs ]
You really don't.
You laughed at me.
-This one year, I went, like, so completely wild at my house
that my neighbors complained.
I had, like, a whole sort of, like, scene, murder scene,
with, like, a mattress that I did this to.
And then the parents came, and they were like,
"My kids are terrified, and this is inappropriate.
And it's too far."
And then I had other people coming up being like,
"Don't even listen to them."
Like, the cool-mom thing, and I was like, "Okay.
I'll get the body off the bed, but the bed stays."
-Oh, wow. -Yeah.
-You're a good neighbor.
Yeah, that's very nice, you don't creep them out too much.
-I don't want to make kids, like, cry and stuff.
-Of course not.
You're hosting "SNL" this weekend for the second time.
-Yeah, dude. -Are you psyched?
-I'm stoked.
-Is it fun? Is it fun up there?
-Yes. No, I feel less palpitation-y this time.
It's great. I feel amazing. Yeah, yeah.
-Yeah, 'cause you know most of the cast
from the last time you hosted, right?
-Mm-hmm. Yeah.
-That was a great show. I loved it.
There was a little, tiny hiccup
at the beginning after your monologue.
-I should just hiccup through my whole monologue this time.
Just be like... [ Hiccups ]
-That's pretty good, actually. I like that character.
But I don't know if you remember.
You cursed a little bit.
-Well, I'm getting reprimanded again now.
It's like, "I don't know if you remember, but..."
-Yeah. Unh-unh-unh. Get out a ruler.
-Yeah. -Yeah, what happened?
You just blank or you just...
-No, I was feeling really present
and in the moment, and so I didn't blank.
I actually was, like, really giving her.
And, yeah, it was like the one time
I stepped off the teleprompter, 'cause it's at the end,
and I go like, "Anyway, I am really excited."
Instead of "really," I said, not that.
-And, yeah, it was -- I never, honestly --
I had, like, someone speak -- Numerous people come up to me
like four different times before the show,
because I had been, like, kind of stumbling through rehearsal,
'cause I was really self-conscious and embarrassed,
and I was like, "I can't do this until it's the moment
and, like, you know, it's game on."
And, so, I was like, "Yeah..." [ Mumbling ]
And a lot of that was cursing.
And then they were like, "You can't do that on the show.
You cannot do that on the show." And I did it on the show.
-After they told you, "Don't do it on the show," yeah.
-I was like, "Would I ever? What do you think I am?
I would never do that."
-Yeah, And then, right out of the gate, you did it.
-Yeah, yeah.
-But they loved you so much, they wanted you back,
'cause you were really good.
Aww! They love you, yeah. And Coldplay, which is awesome.
I heard their new record. It's fantastic.
-I just saw them rehearsing. It was really fun.
-They're amazing. We made Chris Martin --
-Chris Martin goes,
"Hey, Chris Martin from the band Coldplay."
-Yeah. -It was like, "Yeah."
-I kind of know who you are. Yeah, I know who you are.
Last time he was on the show, I made him do the worm.
I was like, "Do you break-dance?
Do you dance at all?"
He was like, "Well, I guess I could."
I go, "Could you do the worm?" And he's like, "Alright."
And he just did the worm all the way over to The Roots.
-That's full on. -That was pretty awesome, yeah.
-Do you dance? "Not really. Just kind of a little bit."
-I'm Chris Martin from Coldplay. Yeah.
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Kristen Sttereotypes and Dropping F-Bombs While Hosting SNL

160 Folder Collection
294701639 published on November 16, 2019
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