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CESAR MILLAN: Rescue dog Sting is in danger of washing out
of his police canine training.
He's hyperalert that he's bit his handlers before.
And that's why Carol can't place him with a police department
I am about to see his canine bite work in action with Andre.
Bring your arm up.
Don't brace for it.
There you go.
Good boy.
Good boy.
You can feel the bite.
It feels incredible.
Good boy.
Just let it come right off your hand.
That guy's got power.
Look at that.
You see?
That was fun.
So, Cesar, we're going to try to have
you see how he reacts with sudden movement near his neck.
Watch his body language.
I'm going to switch his collar over.
Hey, come here.
CAROL SKAZIAK: See his tail?
Ears went back.
That has resulted in a bite.
And my concern is placing him in a department
with a handler that doesn't understand his body language.
He'll fail immediately.
CESAR MILLAN: Sting has been trained to be alert.
He's a police dog.
Well, part of the problem is, he doesn't practice relaxation.
This dog is always on duty.
He's trained, but not balanced.
For me, in my opinion, the dog should
learn to go into a high level of excitement.
He also have to learn to go into a calm level of excitement.
Got it.
He has to work and then relax.
Most households that I go, the dog has no job.
So those dogs need a job.
This guy has a job.
But now he has to calm it down so
he can learn something about being approached in the collar.
Makes sense.
I do agree with Cesar's assessment.
I feel that Sting is constantly working.
Actually feels like he is constantly on patrol.
I think it would be good for Sting to learn how to relax.
It would be a good thing.
So Carol, I would like to come in the next few days
and just focus more on practicing
what I was telling you, you know,
just without the excitement.
But it's just for him to be calm while we are building
trust and that approach.
I really think Sting is so smart that he can overcome this.
And he would be an amazing partner for somebody.
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Finding a Dog's Balance | Cesar Millan's Dog Nation

23 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 15, 2019
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