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Hey you lazy sack of human excrement! Why aren't you playing Guild Wars?
Why you ask?
Heh heh, my dear friend, there is SO much to explore!
Jungles, Deserts, Mountains..
Listen. Do you like Super Mario 64?
Oh yeah!
And do you like swords and magic?
Yeah they're cool.
Well combine them and Guild Wars is.. Kinda like that!
They got these platforming obstacles, called Jump Puzzles, scattered throughout the world. They're really fun!
And the combat is.. MMMMMM, so CRISP!
Just uhh.. For your own sake, stay away from the pvp crowd.
And with the Path of Fire expansion, you get MOUNTS!
Including..This beautiful baby raptor!
Aw I love you so much!
God bless you.
Uh yeah, this sounds kinda fun. How much is it?
You just gotta pay for the expansions.
Oh. Then I'll give it a shot!
Well what are you waiting for?? Go start your adventure!
Click the link in the description to download Guild Wars 2!
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Why aren't you playing Guild Wars 2??

321 Folder Collection
吳銘凱 published on November 15, 2019
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