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Isn't kissing an unconscious stranger kind of, uh illegal?
>>Welcome back to the show, Dr. Phil. I'm Dr. Phil and this is my show.
Now today we have Belle, a young, supple princess
who is in love with a hairy old beast.
>>All right as you can see you have sickened the audience.
Now Belle, what do you have to say to someone who is maybe not comfortable with interspecies relationships?
>> *sigh* Well Phil, I would remind them that
Love is a tale as old as time, so SHUT YOUR MOTHERF**ING MOUTHS!
*Music starts up again*
>> [shivering] Winter is tracking on longer than expected
And we're all out of firewood. I'm sorry, Pinocchio. >>No need to apologize Gepetto, I'll be just fine
Since I'm made of wood I wouldn't even feel the cold! [laughs]
[More laughter]
[nervous laughter]
>>Forgive me Pinocchio!
>>Aah!!! Why, Gepetto?!
*more music*
So this may come as a surprise
But Perdida gave birth to a very large litter of puppies. A hundred and one to be exact. The good news is they're all healthy
>>That's unbelievable! >>How's Perdita doing, can we see her?
>>Oh she's dead.
Yeah, she's like
Super Duper Dead. You heard that I said 101 right? 101 puppies all up inside there?
Have you ever, like, filled a balloon with, like, meat and then popped it?
Hi, I'm D list actor and college dropout Ian Hecox.
You might know me from such things as the scene you just watched, or
The guy who had two lines from the Angry Birds movie.
In the video you just watched where we parodied 101 Dalmatians
You might have said yourself, "but Ian you idiot, Perdida didn't actually give birth to 101 Dalmatians in the cartoon!
She only gave birth to 15 and all the other ones came from Cruella De Vil."
We realized that too after we wrote the video, but we said, "F**k it" and shot the video anyway. Enjoy the rest of the video
♪Just a spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down♪
>>*paining* >>What the hell are you doing? She's diabetic!
>>Oh, uh >>Don't stand there, get her insulin!
>>Perhaps I'll just, umm...
*heavy thud*
♪upbeat music♪
It's just like the whole world was seeing the QUASImodo when what they really needed to see was the ENTIREmodo
*bell ringing*
*ape noises*
Oh my God he is so hot!
>>[English accent] He lives in a tree, honestly Jane stop f**king homeless dudes!
Dry those tears Bambi, Mom's dead
But you gotta stay positive if you're going to survive the winter without her.
*off key singing* ♪I'm a survivor, I'm gonna make it I'm gonna make it. I will survive what, keep on♪
*church bells*
Come on, Genie, grant us a wish!
*rubs lamp*
Oh God!!! What the f--
Hey guys, thank you so much for watching and if you're not yet subscribed be sure to click that subscribe button, and if you're like,
"Uh yeah I already hit the subscribe button so don't tell me to do that" well
then uh make sure you hit that bell button.
If you want to see how we made this video and all the other stuff that happened this week
click the box on the left and if you want to see what would happen if Disney
Princesses were real click the box on the right. And again, thank you guys so much. See you next time. Bye bye!
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82 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on November 15, 2019
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