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It's a big day today.
We have a new neighbour, and we're all very excited.
Well, Jane and I certainly are.
Are you ready? It's a quarter to seven.
What time does the film start?
Half past seven.
He's nice.
He's very nice.
But not good-looking.
He is good-looking.
It's nearly ten to seven.
- Who's that? - The new neighbour.
That's a nice car.
I bet it's fast.
That thing? No, it's slow.
It's very expensive.
It's cheap.
Is it?
Oh yeah. And it's horrible.
Let's say hello.
- Now? - Yes!
- Hello. - Hi.
- I'm Helen. - I'm Simon.
- And I'm Jane. - Hi Jane.
Come in and meet the others.
- This is Matt. - Hi. I'm Simon.
- And I'm David. - Hi.
Would you like some tea or coffee?
Oh, yes. Coffee, please.
Matt, can you ...?
What? Oh, yeah, sure.
- Milk, no sugar. - Right.
Let me give you a hand.
Have a seat.
So where are you from, Simon?
David's from Manchester.
I'm from London.
I'm from Brighton.
And Matt comes from Birmingham.
What do you do?
I'm a marketing assistant for MacDougal's, the publishing company.
I'm a drama teacher.
David's a lawyer.
And Matt runs a computer games shop.
What about you?
I'm a journalist.
Really? Where do you work?
I work in London, for a sports magazine.
Do you know 'Workout'?
Know it? I buy it!
I hate being late for films.
I go to the office most days.
But on Wednesdays and Fridays I work from home.
Here's your coffee!
Oh, thank you.
The film starts at seven thirty.
Oh, sorry. I didn't realize ...
Don't worry. The cinema's only ten minutes away.
Come on, Matt. Let's wait in the car.
Bye. Nice to meet you.
Tell us about your job, Simon.
OK ...
The film starts in quarter of an hour.
Where are they?
What do you do at weekends?
I play tennis, watch football, go to the cinema, go to clubs.
Do you... have a girlfriend?
It's OK. No, I don't actually.
More coffee? Jane ...
Hang on. I've got an idea.
He doesn't have a girlfriend.
He likes tennis.
But he also likes football.
And going to the cinema!
It's David. The film starts in ten minutes.
Say goodbye to your big boring boyfriend and hurry up!
Just a moment.
Helen. It's David!
I really like Simon. Unfortunately, Jane likes him, too.
But I'm not sure if David does.
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01 A New Neighbour

56 Folder Collection
吳威帝 published on November 15, 2019
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