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(playful music)
- Can you pass me the melk?
- (laughs) The milk?
- Yeah.
- The milk. M-I-L-K.
- Yeah, that's what I said.
- No, you said melk.
- Melk.
- Milk.
- Melk.
- Milk.
- We're saying the same thing.
(laughs) - No we're not.
- Thank you for the melk.
I'm gonna really enjoy my melk.
(dramatic music)
- Pecan.
- Puh-can.
- May-o-naise.
- Manaise.
- To-mah-to.
- That's a tomato.
- It's a to-mah-to.
- Well then how do you say potato?
- Potato.
- Well if you say potato, then you should say tomato.
- Potato, to-mah-to.
- I'll enjoy this to-mah-to.
- [Recording] Jewelry.
- Oh. Jew-el-ry.
- No. He said it jool-ry.
- No, he said jew-el-ry.
- [Redhead] Play it again.
- [Recording] Jewelry.
- [Redhead] No one says the entire--
- [Brunette] Jew-el-ry.
(computer slams shut)
- I'm done.
I'm just gonna sit here and clip my cue-pons.
- You mean coupons?
- My cue-pons.
- [Recording] Cou-pon. Cou-pon.
- [Recording] Pa-jam-ahs. - [Brunette] Pa-jah-mas.
- Look. Look at that ah.
- You're speaking over him.
Let him say it.
- [Recording] Pa-jam-ahs. - [Brunette] Pa-jah-mas.
- [Recording] Pa-jam-ahs. - [Brunette] Pa-jah-mas.
(electronic music) - [Recording] Pa-jam-ahs.
- [Recording] Jew-el-ry.
- [Recording] Pa-jam-ahs.
- [Recording] Cou-pon.
- [Brunette] No.
- [Redhead] No.
- [Brunette] No.
- [Redhead] It's not spelled that--
- [Brunette] Then why would they put the a.
- [Redhead] Tomato. Potato. Tomato.
- [Redhead] To-may-to. - [Brunette] (screams)
(frenzied music)
- What are you guys fighting a-boot?
- [Both] A-boot?
- [Redhead] Let's see what google has to say.
- [Brunette] Let's see if there's a cue-pon
for your bad attitude. How about that.
- [Redhead] Coupon.
- [Brunette] Cue-pon.
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You're Saying These Words Wrong

107 Folder Collection
eunice4u4u published on November 14, 2019
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