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00:00:00,000 --> 00:00:03,200 It is Throwback Thursday, and as many of you
know I recently threw my back out.
For those of you following the progress, I'm feeling better.
My back needed a little TLC, tender loving codeine.
And I hurt my back--
I tripped on those steps over there,
and that's what happened.
I tripped, and anyway.
I wish I could say that was my only mistake I
made this season, but it's not.
Couple of weeks ago I was playing a game called
What's In Your Wallet where I steal things out
of the audience's wallets.
We're not going to play that today.
But anyway, I was going to give one of my contestants
a jacket from my EV1 line at Walmart,
and here's what happened.
Turn those off.
All right.
Turn that off.
You also get a--
I know.
It's hard.
You also get $500 Visa gift card.
Oh my god!
Turn that off.
Let's see.
I'm kind of shaking, so.
That's OK.
Do you like my jacket that I'm wearing?
I love your jacket that you're wearing.
Guess what?
It's my new line at Walmart, EV1,
and look how cute it is on the back.
So I want to give you one.
00:01:11,449 --> 00:01:13,864 Oh, I changed!
Oh my god.
That's hilarious.
I just changed and from the last show.
And I completely forgot I changed clothes.
We'll cut this out.
We won't cut this out.
I just turn around, and go look at me!
That's what.
So I had it on.
00:01:39,939 --> 00:01:41,729 You don't understand this, but sometimes we
do two shows in one day.
So I change clothes to make it look like another day,
and I'd had that jacket on.
And she just plays along.
I go look at the back, and she's like, oh yeah.
00:01:54,100 --> 00:01:56,219 And then a few days later, this happened.
You have to catch your breath, right?
I do.
All right.
So it's time for our segment A Really Cute Video To Watch
While Twitch Catches His Breath.
00:02:07,368 --> 00:02:08,359 [GUITAR MUSIC]
That's a kitten, on a head of a dog.
He can't fit through there.
Look how cute that kitten and that dog are.
I want both of them.
I forgot.
00:02:30,640 --> 00:02:33,084 [LAUGHTER]
00:02:35,041 --> 00:02:37,486 [CHEERING]
00:02:46,800 --> 00:02:49,220 In rehearsal I said there should be a guitar here when
it comes out, and I forgot.
00:02:53,270 --> 00:02:55,150 Timing is everything.
I'm not the only one who messed up lately.
Our cat mascot was kicking off Cat Week, and this happened.
Ladies and gentlemen, today girls and boys,
Democrats and Republicans, blondes and brunettes,
today is the first day of Cat Week.
00:03:35,360 --> 00:03:36,790 Honestly, until his head came off,
I thought that was a real cat.
I was like that cat can dance.
And then I made the biggest mistake ever.
And this-- oh my audience was so upset when I did.
This Bill Gates was here.
And I guess I wasn't thinking properly.
So I still be viewed as conservative.
So nothing really changed.
So you didn't say, oh I'm going to buy a Porche.
I did.
That I did.
You did.
Then eventually for my travel I got a plane,
which was a huge indulgence.
So those are my two--
So you have a Porche and a plane, and that's it.
Well, in terms of crazy things, yeah.
Well, we want to do something for you, because we love you,
and Shutterfly loves inspiring stories like this.
So they want to give you a check for $20,000.
00:04:28,290 --> 00:04:31,040 [LAUGHTER]
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Ellen's Season 16 Bloopers... So Far

47 Folder Collection
294701639 published on November 14, 2019
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