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(upbeat music)
- Damn!
This hot potato is fully loaded!
- (maniacal laughter) Tell me about it, Spud!
- Alright team, lets put an end to this pomme de terror.
Activate heat ray!
(intense music) (malfunctioning sounds)
- [Sarah] Trish, the heat ray's broken...
- I'm on it!
- Please, we need that heat ray as soon as possible
otherwise we're gonna get fried.
- Looks like something's slowing down the REO Speedwagon,
should be about three minutes to fix.
- That's just enough time to take this little quiz!
- No quizzes.
- "Which Ultramechatron team member are you?"
- Why would even need to take that quiz?
You are Brody.
- Actually, I took it earlier and it said I'm an Armond.
(drilling sounds) - What?
- Yeah.
- The hell you are, I'm taking that quiz.
- Oh, me too!
- We are in the middle of battle!
- I've got my eyes on you, Ultramechatron!
- Okay, question one...
- Duck!
(sounds of fist connecting with metal) (potato yells)
(alarms blaring) - "What animal would you be?"
So, Sarah went with duck.
- No, I didn't!
- The other options are: horse, cheetah or elephant?
- Without a doubt, horse.
- You're totally a horse!
- My man!
- My man's a horse. (Armond laughing)
- I feel like I could be an elephant
because I'm so intelligent but then I could also
be a cheetah because I'm fast, and I'm also kind of a loner.
(somber music)
You know, I've been that way since I was around
five years old, when my parents died.
They were coming home from a party--
- Hey Trish, (alarms blaring)
I'm gonna need you to focus on fixing that heat ray.
(somber music resumes) - You're right, I'm a duck.
- Duck, cool.
(high energy rock music)
- Ooh, hot potato, hot potato!
- [Brody] Alright, question two--
- [Potato] Hyah!
- [Brody] Where is your dream vacation spot?
- Armond, throw the bomb!
- Where? - Yes, where?
- Anywhere but here!
- Okay, anywhere but here for Sarah.
- How is that an option!?
- We also have beach, island or mountain?
- Please, you know your boy is mountain, (chuckling)
- (laughs) I know my boy is mountain!
- [Armond] You know it! - [Brody] Sure.
- Um, what is the difference between beach and island?
- It doesn't matter!
- Anywhere but here, I guess.
- Okay, cool.
- Please, Armond, throw the bomb!
- Fine.
(mechanical movement) (explosion) (alarms blaring)
- Armond, pay attention! - [Potato] (maniacal laughter)
- Trish, I need that heat ray!
- Few more seconds!
- That's just enough time for our last question!
- No more questions!
(maniacal laughter) (timer bell rings)
- Oh God, it's time!
(painful groans) (yelling)
- "How would you describe yourself?"
Tactical leader, skilled fighter,
tech wunderkind or party dude?
- Hm... - [Potato] (groaning) Ha!
- [Infant Potato] (cries)
- Oh my God, they're multiplying.
- [Potato] Go my Tater Tot, mash them!
- [Sarah] I need that heat ray!
(maniacal laughter)
- You know what, skilled fighter.
- Cool, that's what I put too.
- [Sarah] Guys, pay attention! (tater tot growling)
- Tactical leader?
- Well, that's a little bit-- - [Sarah] Trish, please focus!
(overlapping chatter) (growling)
- [Sarah] The Tater Tot's coming closer!
- I'll put Sarah down for--
- [Sarah] I really need that hear ray!
- Heat ray's ready!
- Finally!
(intense music)
- [Potato] No!
(heat ray frying enemies)
- [Brody] Alright, the results are in,
Armond you got Armond!
- Yes! (laughter)
- Trish, you got Sarah.
- Oh cool, Sarah's awesome!
- And Sarah, you got Brody.
- How is that possible!?
I answered all the same answers as Trish!
- Well yeah, you copied.
That's a very Brody thing to do.
- [Sarah] Copy? I didn't copy her.
- [Armond] Oh yeah, that's a good point.
- [Trish] You copied, you always wanna be like me.
- [Sarah] That's not, I'm not--
- This is weird, does anyone else feel like potatoes?
- [Armond] Yes! - [Trish] Yes!
- [Brody] That's so weird, right, isn't that?
- [Sarah] Of course, we just killed a giant, sexy potato.
- [Armond] That is wild.
- I could totally, I could murder a baked potato right now.
(pixelated music)
♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪
♪ It's a giant, fighting, kicking, punching robot of war! ♪
♪ But it can only be controlled by the Chosen Four! ♪
♪ So now they're work and fight, and live together! ♪
♪ In the Ultramechatron! ♪
♪ Ultramechatron Team Go! ♪
- Hey kids, that video was a lot of fun
but you know what's not fun?
- [All] Ads.
- Kinda like this one.
- Yeah, you can watch the rest of this episode on Dropout.
- Go to https://www.dropout.tv/
to start your free trial today.
- And never have to see us in another ad again!
- Hah, Ultramechatron Team--
- [All] Whoa!
- I will study everything there is to know about partying!
- You can just come to the party?
- [Brody] Yeah.
- I will socialize so hard (dramatic music)
that I will be known as the ultimate animal of partying.
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Hot Potato: The Sexiest Monster Ever

36 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on November 14, 2019
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