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- Hi, I'm Deepika Padukone.
I'm an actor, producer, and philanthropist.
(smooth music)
I'll be opening up my Little Black Book
and bringing you into my world.
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Another important aspect of being an actor
and being in the movie business is fashion,
so I think most obviously, in my Little Black Book today,
I'll take you through some of my thoughts on fashion
and what that means to me.
I was a model before I became an actor,
but before that, I was a badminton player,
but we'll talk about that another time.
Modeling happened to me, really,
in a way that I didn't expect.
So pay attention.
My close friend's mother was and still is
one of the most respected and successful modeling agents.
Apparently, she'd always tell my mother that
I should become a model, but it was through Anila Anand
that I did a couple of campaigns as a child,
just for the exposure and just for some fun.
I went for my first solo holiday when I was 16
and when I came back, it's that time in your life
when your parents sit you down and ask you
what you want to do with your life,
and at this point, I was a professional badminton player,
so this is when I said to them
I said, "I don't want to pursue badminton anymore,"
and that I would seriously like to pursue
modeling and acting.
I think it was that experience that then
prepared me for the movies.
(speaking in foreign language)
So a very, very important part of my,
I think, fashion and style evolution,
I think the first person who had a huge impact on my life
is Anaita Shroff-Adajania.
She's been a stylist with me for many, many years
and along the way, I also met, through her,
Shaleena, who's been my stylist now
for the last couple of years.
- My first film was "Love Aaj Kal," which Deepika was in.
So, when I started working in the industry,
I started working with Anaita.
Anaita was styling Deepika at that point.
That's how my journey with her started.
I started working with her as an assistant
with someone else, then I started working with her
independently, six years, six, seven years ago.
We know what the event is and then
we choose a couple of words
for what we feel that event will be.
Do want to be sexy or do we just want to be glamorous
or we just want to keep it cool,
so we try and get a little bit of a mood
and a vibe of what we want to look like for that event.
The most important is how she's feeling that day
and how she feels when she puts the outfit on
and she knows instantly, I think,
when I see her in something,
especially in the pictures that we take for the fitting,
when she likes something, she's always smiling,
if she's not sure about something,
her expression is a bit different
and I've realized that over time
when I go through my phone, 'cause my entire phone
is filled with pictures of her in our fittings,
so I know what she likes and what she doesn't like.
Deepika's personal style, actually,
I personally feel like it's changed over time.
So when I started, it was more jeans, T-shirt,
it was more basic.
Deepika also has an obsession with bags.
She likes really big bags
'cause she carries her entire house in her bag.
Any time you need anything, it can be medicine,
it can be a scissor, it can be needle and thread,
it can be anything and she will have it.
Now, I feel she's started experimenting,
like when she goes out and shops,
she'll buy some really interesting pieces,
great pieces, of course, but interesting
and I'm also like, oh, I mean,
I never thought you'd buy this.
So I think she surprises herself and she surprises me
and she's really cute when she goes shopping
'cause she's really, she's like,
"Oh, I just bought this because I thought it was nice."
So she's a little conscious to show me what she's bought,
which I think is amazing.
Her style has evolved.
She's more open to experimenting, trying new things.
She always says, "You know, it should be fun.
"It's something we should enjoy,
"we shouldn't take it too seriously."
- Over the years, exposure to magazines or social media,
even movies and through the characters that I've played,
I think they've really allowed me to understand
and embrace fashion in a very, very different way.
So nothing seems strange or weird or bizarre to me anymore.
While I believe that my inherent style is just
simple and classic and elegant,
having that exposure to the modeling world
and also being an actor has really allowed me
to play with fashion and not really box
or restrict myself anymore.
It's kind of what it's evolved into over a period of time.
(light music)
- The pink and red trend, that's one of my favorite trends.
So many people were wearing it at the Emmy's this year and
I just think those colors look so great together,
like even if you're wearing a bright pink suit
and you just do a red lip,
I think it just complements each other so well.
I mean, certain things that we've been
really working with now are bright, pop colors,
maybe bright pink and blue
and a lot of her looks have been,
like a lot of athleisure, we're doing a lot of sporty looks
with really cool sneakers, especially when she's traveling,
we put some really fun looks together,
even for her events now, we're trying to do
something a little different every time.
Using a lot of color, actually.
- The designer that I really enjoyed wearing most recently
was the neon green Giambattista Valli gown
and, in general, I feel like
I love the work that he's doing.
It's large and it's vibrant and it's colorful and
I feel like I'm going through a phase
where I really enjoy that.
- I have to say, it was a lot of pressure this year
because last year, we did a pink, Ashi dress
and we literally came back,
after we walked the red carpet and Deepika was like,
"Shal, what are you going to do next year?"
I already started feeling the pressure of it
when we started coming back to Bombay
and I was like what are we gonna do
to make it bigger in every way?
Like, in size, in the kind of coverage it got.
It just had to be wow.
How it came together, like when it was traveling,
it was still huge.
After it got ironed and opened out,
it was hanging from the ceiling
and it still wasn't fitting in the room.
And her reaction when she entered the room was like,
"Oh my God," like it was humongous,
I couldn't believe how big it was.
The great part about working with Deepika is
we work on everything together.
It's also about how she's feeling
in the moment of what she feels she wants to wear
that day because, at the end of the day,
if she feels good in what she's wearing,
it will look fantastic.
- I think the beauty of our relationship is that
we get each other, we understand each other.
We've become very, very close friends
and, today, it's not just about work,
but it's about comfort and I can look at her
or not look at her she'll understand exactly
what I'm thinking or feeling.
I think those are the relationships
that I look forward to the most in my life
because we've started from somewhere.
We almost sort of started our careers together
and she was an assistant.
To see her evolve in front of my eyes,
to see her growth, and to see her evolution makes me happy.
I feel like the journey with her is what I value the most.
(light music)
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Deepika Padukone's Ultimate Guide to Style and Fashion | Little Black Book | Harper's BAZAAR

25 Folder Collection
Courtney Shih published on November 13, 2019
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