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Hello, this is Elliott from ETJ English.com
Helping you become a fluent English speaker.
Today, I'm talking to you about mistakes.
Now, mistakes are extremely important when you're learning anything.
When you're trying to be successful in anything.
I'm going to start todays lesson by telling you my biggest mistake
and how I learnt from it.
I was about fourteen years old. I was one of those kids in school
that had to make people laugh. I wanted to make everyone laugh
So, I decided to climb a tree.
I climbed to the top of a tree.
And when I reached the top, I was shouting to everyone:
"I'm gonna jump!"
I thought this would make people laugh.
And in the beginning, people were laughing
and they could't wait to see what was going to happen.
Sadly, I didn't jump; I fell.
Yes, I fell from the top of a tree; probably about the height of my house
and I landed flat on my face
and flat on my wrists.
One wrist was poking out that way and one wrist was poking out that way.
Both of my wrists were broken and my nose was as flat as a pancake.
I broke both my wrists, and my nose.
Now, obviously, this was a mistake. For two reasons...
Number one: I did it because I wanted people to laugh; and nobody laughed.
Mostly, people were crying and screaming and running for teachers and nurses to get help
and a lot of people thought I was dead.
Number two: I had to walk around with casts on my arms and I couldn't do anything.
I was just led in bed like this for six weeks.
And my mum had to wash me, my mum had to take me to the toilet
for about six weeks.
When you're a thirteen / fouteen year old teenager,
You don't really want your mum seeing your down below bits.
Not the best decision I've ever made.
How did I learn from this?
I learnt that I shouldn't have done this
because I really badly hurt myself and I didn't make anyone laugh.
It was a mistake.
And the truth is, I'm kind of happy this happened
because it stopped me from being quite so crazy as a child
I grew up a lot from jumping out of that tree and breaking my wrists.
I kind of became more of an adult
because I learnt not to be so immature
I learnt that you can find other ways to make people laugh
than doing something stupid and risking your body
So, the same goes for English.
Although you don't have to go to quite the extreme
you shouldn't really be breaking any limbs when you're learning English
but, you need to make mistakes.
because you learn from those mistakes.
And if you embarrass yourself, it doesn't matter.
What I'm trying to say is...
You need to go and talk to people.
Don't be afraid to talk to people.
You need to go out there and make mistakes.
Practice talking to people, and make the mistakes.
Say things how you think they're said
and if they're wrong. They're wrong.
But people will correct you.
Or if you think it's wrong, ask the person you're talking to.
Ask them: "Did I make a mistake?"
"Was that correct?"
Accuracy comes with practice.
And with practice, comes mistakes.
Trial and error. We learn from our mistakes.
Go out there, speak to anyone in English
Make mistakes. Learn from your mistakes
and become a better speaker.
If you're in lessons with me, you can come back and ask me
if what you said was correct.
And I will tell you.
It's important to make mistakes
And it's very easy to make mistakes in the beginning
But the people who learn the fastest are the people who go out there
and practice.
And this is how, with online lessons with me
you become fluent fast
Because you have someone correcting your mistakes constantly.
I'm always correcting mistakes in my lessons
Go out there, make mistakes embarrass yourself
and become a more confident speaker
Thank you for watching, please give me a thumbs up
or a thumbs down, if you didn't like this video.
And please subsribe to my channel if you would like more lessons.
Thank you very much for watching
And happy learning!
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The Best Way To Improve English Speaking: Make Mistakes!

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shaw published on November 13, 2019
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