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This is Yuzuchi, 20 year old female working as a cosplayer in Tokyo Japan and this is how she starts her unique work day
Her day starts later than most as she was working late last night, which we'll get into later on in this video
But it's safe to say this is not gonna be like a day in the life of an average Japanese salaryman
How long does it take you to wear makeup?
Oh, I guess she's going to the studio for a photo shoot today. Yuzuchi, what are you eating?
She actually gets her food from the konbini six times a week
Which is pretty common especially for younger Japanese, living in the city. It's quick and it's cheap
She needs to pack her own costume for the studio today. Oh, she has a bag full of something. What's that?
I change contact lenses depending on the character.
So how many costumes do you own?
Yuzuchi she says she's into manga, anime, and video games. Apparently that's one of the reasons she got into cosplay
Oh, Why are you wearing a mask?
As a cosplayer, her workplace varies day by day depending on the cosplay event location and photoshoots
When riding the train she's almost always on her phone
Interesting fact statistics show that 90% of Japanese people riding the train are using their phone. So she's very much a typical passenger
All right. So we're starting this day in the life a lot later than normal. Yuzuchi should be coming up the stairs right now
Why do you have an umbrella?
Before becoming a cosplayer
Yuzuchi worked as a Japanese chika idol
Performing with an underground group of young girls and a highly choreographed a song and dance in events and live houses
The famous girl idol group, AKB48, also started as chika idols
but now Yuzuchi has since transitioned into a full-time cosplayer
Yuzuchi, how did you get started in cosplay?
As a cosplayer she often gets offered to model for professional photographers like today
This is one way she earns her living. She's also able to make money by attending major events once or twice a month
So is your work done for today?
It's not moister opposite anyone's that so that you don't need to sign up OS so until then. What are we gonna do now?
That's the what does that kind of get but go ahead and you keep the way with
We're in the studio for about two hours actually even less than that because there's like the setup part and then she packs up
So even like less than almost an hour for taking pictures and I think actually though I looked outside the window and it started
to rain pretty badly. Good thing she brought an umbrella
Yuzuchi, what are you doing now?
So, what are you doing now?
So in Japan
There's a dedicated cosplay app called Cospo and it allows Yuzuchi to generate additional income
Every time of viewer likes her uploaded picture. And as part of her routine, she posts a picture every day
Oh cool, she found her friend Machiko
Now they're headed to a karaoke bar, a pastime for many Japanese
The bar itself often comes with free soda drinks or you can upgrade to the all you can drink alcohol package
Unlike other countries
karaoke in Japan is generally a private affair
among friends and while some Japanese even go by themselves during the day, many Japanese take advantage of the private space to let loose in
the evening among friends
We're halfway through the day and she hasn't done her main job yet, but it's actually been pretty good
So you used to dance when you were a chika idol, right?
Oh, It looks like the rain has let up a little bit, nice!
Now they're headed to an izakaya restaurant for dinner also known as a drinking restaurant
Izakayas will often ask customers to take their shoes off and put them in a shoe locker like this
Many Japanese prefer the izakaya style restaurant as it allows them to drink while snacking on a variety of small portion food dishes
Due to small living spaces in the city, Japanese rarely invite one another to their houses. So izakayas have become the default gathering location
Private rooms like this one allow customers to get even more intimate
So it actually already 8 o'clock, but it almost feels like a lunch because she has to go back to work
But before we go, I want to ask her a few questions, so let's ask her now
So, how did you two meet?
Damn, making friends online is apparently quite normal for our generation. It seems like her friends these days were all made online
So what do you usually do with your friends?
You don't go to clubs?
So inkya is slang for introvert, how would you describe it?
So what character are you dressed up in now?
...and what are you doing?
So every night she does a livestream on an app called DokiDoki Live for two hours
Basically viewer sent her items during the live stream, which is then later converted into money
It's nice that she greets a lot of her viewers
Oh, I think she's gonna sing one of her favorite songs
Finally, her work is complete and now she gets time for herself
Yuzuchi just finished
It was about two hours of work that she just did and it's about 12 o'clock right now
And it looks like she's just playing games
She actually plays Cyber Hunter, this game behind me that she's playing right now for four hours before she goes to sleep
I guess that's why she wakes up so late in the day
What did you guys think of this day in the life of a Japanese cosplayer?
Let me know in the comments if you want to see more day in the life videos, don't worry
I have a lot more videos to come. If you want to see what Yuzuchi is doing on the daily
Then I'll leave all of her social media links in the description
And if you want to see what I'm doing on the daily
Then definitely check out my Instagram account. That all said I'll catch you guys in the next one
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Day in the Life of a Typical Japanese Cosplay Worker

86 Folder Collection
ayane published on November 12, 2019
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