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You know, 20 million people just saw you,
Do you think anything will change with your life, because of that?
2 Weeks ago, a video that was uploaded on the ODG channel received 20 Million views.
It got one hundred thousand comments,
and Hyun-ho's SNS gained more than ten thousand followers.
We showed Hyun-ho the video.
L means left, right?
You can push the space bar, Hyun-ho.
The long black button. Yeah, that one.
Is it over?
Have you seen the video before?
Is it your first time seeing it?
How is it?
It was funny.
Why was it funny?
No one is talking.
Who isn't talking?
Carson and I.
Hyun-ho, before we shot the video you said you were going to ask a lot of stuff in english
But… why didn't you?
It was more nervous than I expected it to be..
Meeting with a foreigner in real life?
What do you think people thought of when they saw this video?
'Why aren't they talking?'
There were a lot of comments on the video saying that you were cute
What do you think about that?
I don't think that's true.
You're not cute?
A lot of people said a lot of good things,
What would you say to those people?
Thank you-
Do you know how many people watched that video?
Over a thousand?
I don't know.
When I saw it, it was just over a thousand.
Just over a thousand?
About 20 million people saw this video.
20 Million people
20 Million people?
Do you know how big 20 million is?
How big is it?
A quarter of the population of Korea.
You know like I just said, 20 million people watched this video,
Why do you think they watched it?
I don't know.
How do you feel?
It feels good.
You feel good?
Because I lot of people watched it.
You know, 20 million people just saw you,
Do you think anything will change with your life, because of that?
I just want to continue with how I'm living now.
What is living like now like?
Just, I have a friend that I really like at in school.
Who is really close with me.
I just want to continue living by just playing and hanging out with him
20 Million people saw it, how would that impact you?
I don't think it will have any affect on me.
A video is just a video.
Do you have anything you want to say to the people who are watching this?
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Kid React To His Viral Video

78 Folder Collection
Fannie Wong published on November 11, 2019
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