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It's officially November, which means two things...
One, Wyclef should be back soon.
And also, the Popeyes chicken sandwich has returned.
But if you're thinking about running out to get one, you might want to brush up on your self-defense skills.
Breaking news overnight: A Maryland man was stabbed in a fight over the popular Popeyes chicken sandwich.
The Popeyes was packed.
You can imagine...
People were standing in line.
They were waiting.
They were wanting the brand-new Popeyes chicken sandwich.
And police are saying that in that line, two men started to get into an argument.
The argument escalated.
It is believed it was over that chicken sandwich.
And so, they went outside, and that is when one of the two of them took out a knife.
The other was stabbed.
People are getting stabbed over a chicken sandwich?
I guess it really is healthier to be vegan, wow.
Maybe it's just me, but I don't know why this sandwich is making people go crazy.
They're fighting each other.
People are fighting the employees in the parking lot, in the streets.
It's getting out of control.
No other chicken place is dealing with this.
At Chick-fil-A, they're like, "We love God."
At Popeyes, they're like, "God is dead. Welcome to Thunderdome."
Meanwhile, at White Castle, they're like, "You only had one stabbing? That sounds nice."
And the crazy thing to me is that someone got stabbed, but everyone else stayed in line.
Yeah, they were like, "Wow, that's horrible."
"But you know what else would be horrible, is if I didn't get my chicken sandwich."
Like, it's so popular, that I wouldn't be surprised if someone in line called 911 like, "I'm at Popeyes, and someone just got stabbed."
And the 911 operator is like, "You're at Popeyes? Can you get me one of those sandwiches, please?"
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Popeyes Sandwich Stabbing | The Daily Show

3042 Folder Collection
Annie Chien published on November 11, 2019    Annie Chien translated    Steve reviewed
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