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I'm Pops, the mentor.
And I'm I'm I'm I'm I'm Nicole Paris, the apprentice.
Beatboxing is just simply making sounds with your mouth.
Making music with your mouth.
When beatboxing came to St. Louis in the early 80s, it was always about emulating what the DJ did.
So I just thought of perfecting my skill as I got older, and then, my wife, she gets pregnant with Nicole.
So I would beatbox up against the belly, and Nicole would start twisting, so you would see my wife's belly almost like...
She liked it. She thought it was funny and cute.
And then, as Nicole got bigger in the belly, it wasn't cute no more.
At the age of 13, was my first talent show.
I just went home and I said, "Pops, I just joined a talent show."
"You're going to teach me how to beatbox."
He taught me how to hold a mic, taught me how to breath, taught me the basic beats.
I went to the talent show and did that.
They made me mad at the talent show. They was clapping off-beat.
And they was like...
I then started to add my own thing to what he taught me.
One night, I came home from work, and as I'm walking in the door...
I heard her making all these strange noises.
I had to tell her, like, "That's not beatboxing."
"Nah, don't do that. That's corny."
I was like, "What?"
This is when I had to realize and tell myself, "Look, this is what she wants to do."
Me and Pops, we beatbox anywhere, all day.
It don't even make a difference.
No, it really don't.
We beatbox while cooking, barbershop...
When we ready to beatbox, it literally...
It happens.
It doesn't matter.
If you go to her YouTube channel, you will see us sitting down, beatboxing, and to some folks, it can look like a competition.
We're not really battling, it's just ...
It's just jam sessions, just us having fun.
This is how I bond with my child, even though 160 million people will be like, "Pops, you lost."
"Pop, loser!"
I want her to be the best.
I want her to, to outdo me.
Not in outdo me, like, as in a battle, but I want her to just, just continue to grow and add to beatboxing.
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The Art of Beatboxing

743 Folder Collection
Estelle published on November 11, 2019    Estelle translated    Steve reviewed
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