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Okay, when the world just started filming themselves and being like, Kobe, like, did it blow your mind how big that that got?
Yeah, it did, it did.
And it took on a life of its own, right?
And the problem was is there was so many amazing people screaming Kobe.
But, there was so many (beep) people that were like, just figured if they said the word Kobe they were good to go, and they just aren't.
Just like this category of Bargain Bryants. Take a look.
Bruh, bruh!
Look, he said Kobe. He couldn't even get his feet going, man.
He's gotta play through that though.
He doesn't even have the Kobe mentality.
He gave up as soon as fell.
You gotta shoot through the contact, man.
Here we go.
Oh man, oh man.
In Starbucks?
Couldn't even, like, get the name out.
In Starbucks, bruh.
The ice went in the bucket.
It did, it did.
That's true, that's true.
It's like, at least it's not on the floor where they gotta clean it up.
He like, recycled. He kept the cup.
Kobe, I'm Bryant.
What did he even say?
Did he say Kobe, I'm Bryant?
What did he say?
- Did he say Kobe, I'm Bryant? - That is the best.
And why is that empty box in the fridge?
Kobe, I'm Bryant.
Just, no, no.
Not even in the ballpark.
She had the spirit. She had the spirit.
It felt good, man.
Aw, that's great. I love it.
Well, you see what happens when the teacher comes in.
We'll be right back with more Ridiculousness.
Okay, now, Professor Wizenard, Professor Wizenard is an amazing coach.
How important is a great coach?
Oh, it's of upmost importance, man.
Yeah, you can't win without a great coach, man.
And when you see people struggling, great players with (bleep) coaches, when you're sitting at home, what do you think?
Sucks for you.
Hey, look. Here's a thing because sometimes, you can have a coach that just coaches you to no man's land, actually gives you bad advice.
Just like everybody in this category, Wizen-no.
Go up first and then out.
Up and out.
Just up and out, man.
I can't do it.
Just do it.
Just do it.
I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I meant out then up.
- Basically, I just need you to train hard enough. - Oh no.
Well, what was gonna happen?
I mean--
Feels like a setup. Feels like a setup.
First of all, why are you training with them damn leggings on?
And second of all, why is that in-between your legs?
I mean, you can't see that coming, bruh?
No, don't trust your trainer on this one.
Even the camera guy was like, I can't. It's too horrific.
Come here, come here.
Come here, you're fine.
That's not a bad coach.
You gotta slow down.
You're going way too fast.
You gotta be like, take your time Sparky, take your time.
Way too fast.
Aw, are you okay?
I would've been like, all right, Sparky, go back to the top of the steps. Do it again! Do it again!
You will conquer those stairs.
Hit it with your toes, there you go.
Go with your toes, perfect.
Two hands.
Two hands, now.
Whoa, slow down.
Go faster, just a little faster.
Slow down.
Oh, oh! Why did they cut the clip off?
Why did they cut the clip off?
They lassoed that girl around.
Bruh, that's crazy.
Dude, the chances of that happening are astronomical.
He's a (beep) coach.
Relax and fall.
You got it.
Pause it, pause it, pause it, right.
If you're gonna fall, you gotta trust those around you, and you got a great leader that's guiding you into the right direction.
You gotta just go for it.
Look at their faces. Look at their face.
Oh, no!
She doesn't even care, this girl.
Nah, she's looking that way and like, dumbass.
There you have it for Wizen-no.
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Kobe Bryant Reacts to People Trying to Make the Shot | Ridiculousness

117 Folder Collection
Estelle published on November 11, 2019    Estelle translated    Steve reviewed
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