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Narrator: Hello! Alice is trying to find her
way back to the beautiful garden she saw when
she first arrived in Wonderl and.
On her way, she met the Cheshire-Cat
in the woods, who told Alice about
the March Hare and the Hatter.
Alice found the March Hare and the
Hatter having a tea-party.
Hatter and March Hare: Would you like some tea?
Tea, yes please. And cake... I want cake.
One cake?
Two cakes.
Two cakes. One lump or two of sugar?
Alice: Curiouser and curiouser.
They're having a tea-party.
But where are all the guests?
Narrator: The Hatter and the March Hare
were sitting at one end of
a very long table, which had empty
cups and plates all the way along it.
But the only other guest was a mouse,
who was sound asleep.
Alice decided to join them.
Hatter and March Hare: No room here!
I'm sorry!
No room!
Alice: There's plenty of room!
Narrator: Alice sat down.
The Hatter opened his eyes very wide.
Hatter: Why is a raven like a writing desk?
Alice: Ooh, good. Riddles! I love riddles!
Narrator: The March Hare looked at Alice.
March Hare: You mean you know
the answer, don't you?
Alice: Yes, I do.
March Hare: Well, you should say
what you mean!
Alice: I do. At least, I mean what I say.
That's the same thing, isn't it?
Hatter: But why is a raven like
a writing-desk?
Have you guessed the answer yet?
Alice: No. I give up. What's the answer?
Hatter: I don't know! Do you know?
March Hare: I don't know either!
Alice: I think you should only ask
riddles if you know the answer.
March Hare: Have some more tea.
Alice: I haven't had any tea, have I?
So, I can't take more.
Hatter: You mean you can't take less.
It's very easy to take more than nothing.
Narrator: Alice got up and walked off
without saying goodbye.
March Hare: More tea, Hatter?
Hatter: Don't mind if I do. Thank you!
Good morning. Let's have a wee cup, shall we?
Narrator: The Hatter and the March Hare
didn't seem to notice her leaving.
Alice went back into the woods.
She looked back as she walked away.
The Hatter and the March Hare were
trying to put the mouse into the teapot.
Nice, nice...
Hatter and Hare: In you go!
Oh, he does wriggle, doesn't he?
Nice cake
Alice: I'll never go there again!
That was the stupidest tea-party I've ever
been to in all my life!
Narrator: Back in the woods, Alice saw
a tree with a door in it.
Alice: That's very curious! I wonder
what could be behind a door in a tree...
Narrator: In Wonderland anything
can be behind any door.
Alice opened the door and there
she was at the beginning
of her adventures again - in the hall
with the locked doors
and the table with the little key on it.
Alice: I remember that little door
and the key! This time I know what to do!
I'm finally going to get into the garden!
Narrator: Alice had learned a lot
about growing and shrinking
in Wonderland. She took the key off
the table first... and then ate some of the
mushroom she had taken
from the caterpillar and put in her pocket.
Soon she was small enough to unlock
the door and go through it.
Alice: Oh, it's so pretty here!
Narrator: We'll leave Alice here for now,
happy in the garden at last.
Soon, she's going to meet the Queen
and play croquet.
Will she still be happy then?
I'll tell you next time.
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Alice in Wonderland part 7: A mad tea-party

21 Folder Collection
published on November 9, 2019
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