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- My nail,
is very big.
Yes,it is.
Snacks from Japan.
Guess what? We're trying more snacks!
Alringht! This is your first hint.
- Konnichiwa everyone?
- Konnichiwa.
- Oh Japan.
- I wanna scream.
May I?
- Oh that's Japanese.
I know it.
So, you have two snacks there.
They're different flavors.
- Oh.
- Oh it smells good.
- Yum.
- Spicy.
- I wonder why they make it like what they not taste like.
- Hello.
- It's a spicy pizza.
- No thank you.
- Umaibo?
- What does umaibo mean.
- Oh.
- The one that's at the top win.
- Yum, let me open it.
- Pencils.
- Can I open it Tendia?
- Oh.
- So I'm gonna call these the mushroom popsicles.
There it is,
a broad stick with chocolate on it.
That's all.
- I didn't buy chocolate.
- Chocolate and chocolate, it's the same thing.
- Kinoko?
No. - No.
- Yama.
- Mushroom mountain, hmm.
- This is so good. - Whoever sent this to us, right choice is in this.
- You lied to us.
- They taste exactly the same as chheto puffs.
- They're seeds.
- For Karlolina.
- Oh an S.
- S for Simon.
- I don't know.
- Just kidding.
- What's this?
It's a tiny toy.
- Oh.
- One for you, one for me.
- Wow!
- They're fun.
- Will keep this.
- Thought they were like mints.
- No.
It's Batman smells.
- Oh yeah you were.
- Yum!
Ah that's cold.
- How do you open this actually?
- I'm scared.
- Oof!
- What does it do with that?
- Cheers.
- It tastes like a flavor that I've never had before.
- This is the, you know the flevo?
It's uh, basically.
- Yeah.
- Ramune.
- Oh nice.
- Tastes like yogurt.
- I'm gonna try and put this in.
- Oh.
- Yeah.
- Ten out ten.
- Uh, eight.
- Thank you for watching kids try snacks from Japan,
and don't forget to subscribe.
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Kids Try Snacks from Japan | Kids Try | HiHo Kids

151 Folder Collection
ayami published on November 8, 2019
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