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yo what is up everybody my name is G-legend today I want to thank you first
and foremost like always
thank you for taking out my battle field 1:101 series on my channel it's designed
to help people who are used to be called the fans transfer over to battle field
today I want to talk to you guys but understanding the site class in
battle field 1 i want to lay it all out for the former color duty fans that have
never played battlefield make it easy for you guys to understand just like
I've been doing for the rest of this series so if you're a college degree
gamer who is struggling to understand battlefield I suggest you may want to go
check out that series that i have for you guys don't forget to Like subscribe
it helps me a lot
without further ado don't go anywhere casks with just getting started
already so the scout class is closely related to these Soviets Oh mother it's
closer related to the support class okay you work and a half with the support
people and but nonetheless you're still different like there's so many things
that are different like 41 your sniper and they're not and because you're a
sniper your job that's just my people from afar it's to protect your team from
so I mean that's really all there is to it this is your sniper class if you're
this sniper from black ops 3 over in college in general you have always been
the sniper you're going to want to take the sculpt class but you also have to
take into consideration and you know make sure that you know this you can't
go in there making that you're going to quickscope some motherfuckers all the
time I know what's that many times but i have to keep expressing it
this is not call of duty it is very very different even though with the first
person shooter and is still nonetheless extremely different so don't think for
one second that quickscoping somebody and battlefield one is the same as
quickscoping somebody in college ability it's very different
you're not gonna do it and if you do it you just got lucky that's it
so instead why don't you just go to about this point and shoot enemies from
snipe them all out you can get a lot of kills that way and it helps your team
out so it's a win with ok do that do that if you got to get the kills go in
the backe cap in the back and shoot the enemies from afar
everybody wins if you do that so to close off this class of course is
typically bad for close-quarters combat so make sure that you know that and then
not try to find a good bath . like i said it's not the enemies from there and
then don't forget to adjust your sniper rifle for 75 or a hundred meters or 300
don't forget that you can do that you can do that you can adjust your meter
range so that you can actually get kills I've actually tried getting kills at
like the 70 meter range when my gun was set at 300 meters and I couldn't
and then the same is true for the opposite you know the enemy was like a
300-meter range and my gun was 70 and I you know I couldn't get killed
so anyway I think that's going to wrap up this video don't forget to Like
subscribe and how do you check out my channel if you like first-person shooter
tips and tricks and stuff like that
my goal is to inspire you and it's in to enlighten you so do give me a chance to
do that anyway I hope you guys have a great day i'm going to catch you guys
later and i'll see you in the next one
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How To Use The Scout Class In Battlefield 1 [Battlefield 1: 101] [G-Legend]

154 Folder Collection
陳祐嘉 published on November 7, 2019
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