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Job interviews in Japan are an etiquette minefield
for foreigners and locals alike
what to wear?
uniformity is paramount
Plain black suit, white shirt, black bag, black shoes, tie that's any color other than black or white
always knock three times on the interviewer's door
two knocks is for checking if a toilet cubicle is vacant
say "excuse me," bow and walk to the left side of the chair
Make sure you're bowing correctly
bend forward from the hips with a straight back
30 degrees upon entering, and 45 degrees when you leave
sit straight and don't lean back in your chair
men, put one hand on each knee - women, keep them in your lap
and never, ever be late.
or you may as well have stayed home
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Job Interviews in Japan Are an Etiquette Minefield

141 Folder Collection
ayami published on November 6, 2019
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