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You came here to forget your life of shame.
But the path you must tread to new life will not be easy, English.
Our purpose here is simple: to strengthen what is weak.
Make hard what is soft
This will take time.
Mind must be most of the body.
Strong mind can separate the body from its suffering.
Good concentration, English.
Sorry, sir, hot, hot, hot, hot!
You are not young.
But with age comes wisdom.
When mind is most of the body, you will be warrior once more.
Master, what is my destiny?
I'm in touch with a higher power.
MI7, wants you on the first flight back to London.
Master, am I ready?
Window seat or aisle?
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Tibet Training | Funny Clip | Johnny English Reborn | Mr Bean Official

4611 Folder Collection
Angel Hsu published on November 4, 2019    Angel Hsu translated    Winnie Liao reviewed
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