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It's said that History repeats itself.
Meaning the disaster we caused 600-years-ago...
... might repeat itself.
And I have a feeling, that I'll get screwed again.
How do you know?
I don't know.
- Long live... - The King!
All three princesses will choose their groom in a grand ceremony.
And from the kingdom of Madhavgarh...
Prince Bala Dev Singh.
From which mouth can I thank you?
Do it from this mouth.
Amazing, Master Bangdu.
God Bless you.
God Bless you.
Come to me!
He's the royal bodyguard of Sitamgarh.
I am not carrying my royal sword today.
We are.
Where is it?
What else are you hiding down in the cellar?
"Sweetheart, where are you going leaving me behind?"
Curse you.
God made me remember everything...
... so I can help everyone remember their true love.
We've been reincarnated.
You just smashed them to pieces.
Tomorrow you're marrying my sister and today you are trying to kiss me!
This is your reincarnation.
You're right, I was born in this nation.
No, you've been reincarnated.
You're my husband, I am your wife.
Shower me with your love, or I will tear your apart.
No! You're my sister-in-law! Close your curtains!
Reincarnation... previous life... I'm not understanding a thing you're saying!
Let me explain.
Hey... I'll explain this time. You always do the explaining.
His wife is not really his wife...
She is your wife.
And my wife is not really my wife...
She is his wife.
And our sister-in-law.
And your wife is not really your wife...
She is my wife.
Are we marrying our wives or sisters-in-law?
Sometimes I feel that I am God.
Try to remember, 600-years-ago.
You're a dancer. A clown.
- Yes. And you're a donkey's... - Hey...
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Housefull 4 |Official Trailer|Akshay|Riteish|Bobby|Kriti S|Pooja|Kriti K|Sajid N|Farhad| Oct 25

7 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 28, 2019
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