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Frank... Sheeran.
-Am I saying that right? -Yeah, you said it right.
Under the contract...
management can only fire a driver on very specific charges. So...
Do you ever show up late?
-No. -Do you have any moving violations?
-No. -Do you drink on the job?
-No. -Do you ever hit anybody?
-On the job? -Yeah.
I don't think so. 00:00:24.250 --> 00:00:26.333 position:58% All right, then we don't have nothing to worry about.
I want you to meet my cousin, Russell Bufalino.
-How are ya? -Hi, nice to meet you.
It was like the Army.
You followed orders.
You did the right thing.
You got rewarded.
A friend of ours is having a little trouble.
A friend at the top. 00:00:48.250 --> 00:00:52.333 position:66% Back then there was nobody in this country who didn't know who Jimmy Hoffa was.
He's got a gun! Get that gun out of his hand!
You always charge a guy with a gun.
With a knife, you run away.
So you charge with a gun.
With a knife, you run.
Hiya, Frank. Would you like to be a part of history?
Yes, I would.
Big business and the government
are working together, trying to pull us apart.
Something's gotta be done.
What else he say?
Now is not the time to not say. 00:01:22.375 --> 00:01:23.666 position:58% We're going to war with these people.
Things have gotten out of hand with our friend. 00:01:30.416 --> 00:01:32.375 position:66% You've got to sit down, everybody says so. 00:01:33.458 --> 00:01:35.250 position:63% No, I'm not sitting down, I can't do it!
-It's what it is. -What it is. 00:01:38.500 --> 00:01:41.083 position:58% I know things they don't know I know.
It's gonna happen.
Either way, he's going. 00:01:59.208 --> 00:02:00.375 line:0% You know, I don't... 00:02:00.875 --> 00:02:02.291 position:61% line:0% I don't care whether you did it or not. 00:02:03.083 --> 00:02:04.625 line:0% -That makes no difference to me. -Yeah, I know. 00:02:04.708 --> 00:02:06.250 line:0% I'm here to defend you. 00:02:06.333 --> 00:02:07.791 line:0% -Right? -Right.
What do you wanna know? You wanna know if I did it or not?
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The Irishman | Official Trailer | Netflix

21 Folder Collection
林宜悉 published on October 27, 2019
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