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-I remember my -- I'm trying to think of my worst costume.
I always forget. They were always pretty bad,
but I remember one time we bought --
you know the costumes that come in the box with the cellophane,
and it was Batman.
I think it was Batman. -Yeah.
-And my mom made me wear a sweatshirt over it.
[ Light laughter ]
So basically I was a kid in a sweatshirt with a Batman mask.
[ Laughter ]
And I had been wearing it all day.
I was so excited to wear it, that I had chewed the plastic.
Mouth -- I was, like, chewing on the mouth thing,
and it cut my lip open.
So, I had, like, a bloody mouth and --
kid in a sweatshirt, Batman, and I jumped off a stoop
after I got candy.
And I go, "I'm Batman" or whatever,
and I jumped off, and it was so cheap
that the costume just ripped. [ Light laughter ]
I had, like, jeans on underneath,
but I ended up just being a kid in jeans and a t-shirt.
-With a mouth -- -With a bloody lip.
-Sweatshirt, jeans -- -Yeah, and a bloody lip. Yeah.
That was probably the worst one.
But I don't know, I've had bad ones.
This first one here is from @JodieColombo.
-Ooh! -She says,
"My grandmother wrapped my cousin up in tinfoil
for Halloween and said he was a Hershey's Kiss,
everyone thought he was leftovers."
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Come on!
[ Applause ]
Leftovers are good costumes.
-I'm going as old lasagna. [ Light laughter ]
This one is from @MemeFinder69.
[ Audience oohs ]
-Wow. [ Laughs ] What?
I hope that was for "MemeFinder."
-Yeah, he was probably born in 1969.
-Yeah, sure.
-He says, "I went as a hand last Halloween.
I spent the whole night getting hit in the face."
Like... High five, high five.
Ow. [ Smack ]
High five. Ow. [ Smack ]
High five. Ow. [ Smack ]
[ Laughter ]
High five, nerd. [ Smack ]
-This one's from @RachelLees.
She says, "In 2017 we all went out as a family group
of superheroes -- Superman, Supergirl, and Wonder Woman.
At the last second, my youngest demanded she dress as poop."
[ Laughter ]
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Come on, Superpoop.
-This one's from @KellytheWalsh.
She said, "I got 50 people at my high school to wear all gray
and sunglasses so we could be 50 Shades of Grey.
I was told it wasn't school appropriate,
and we had to enter the costume contest as pavement."
[ Laughter and applause ]
That's pretty good. -Yeah.
-I like that one. -You're not going to win, kid.
-Sexy pavement. [ Laughter ]
This one's from @ms-emily-allen.
She says, "I dressed as Ariana Grande
for a Halloween party.
On the street, a kid yelled, "Look, Mom, it's old Ariana.'"
[ Laughter ]
-There's no need for that.
-Thank you, next. [ Laughter ]
This one's from @JoAnnNJ1.
Says, "I'm a teacher,
and our school Halloween parade was that day.
I grabbed a cat costume from the first store I passed.
Halfway through the parade another teacher told me
it said "naughty little kitty" on the back.
-Oh. [ Laughter and applause ]
-Uh, Miss Palmer. -Excuse me.
-This last one here is from @RickEGreen.
He says, last year I strapped a bicycle tire to my neck
and just sit next to the couples all night,
I was the third wheel. -Oh.
-There you go. There you have it,
those are our "Tonight Show Hashtags."
To check our more of our favorites,
go to tonightshow.com/hashtags.
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Hashtags: #MyWorstCostume

181 Folder Collection
Ingrid published on October 25, 2019
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