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-The Roots are gonna start playing a song
one instrument at a time. Taylor and I can buzz in
and guess as soon as we know the song.
But if you guess wrong,
the other person gets a chance to steal.
-Ugh. Treacherous. -You can play --
-Crazy. -You can play along at home.
Roots, let's hear the first song, whenever you're ready.
Oh, man.
[ Beep ]
-"Oops!...I Did It Again," Britney Spears?
[ Buzzer ]
-Oh, wait, wait, wait!
"Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears!
-Oh, my gosh!
Come on!
Ugh! What did I say? What did I say?
I said "Oops"? -That's shameful.
-I thought that like -- -It's those chords.
-[ Vocalizing ]
-It's them max Martin chords. -Max Martin chords.
Gosh darn it! I'm so mad. All right. Ugh.
Of course, Taylor's gonna kill me at this.
All right. Let's hear the next song.
-Ohh! [ Beeping ]
-♪ Da-na, na-na ♪
-I know it. I know it.
-[ Mumbling lyrics ]
"Pour Some Sugar On Me," Def Leppard!
Sorry, sorry. I don't even know the words. I'm like --
♪ Hit me like a bomb, then then come on na-na-na ♪
♪ Na-na-na-na-na, with a red iPhone ♪
A red iPhone?
-It's actually radar phone. -It's radar phone?
I thought it was a red iPhone.
-They were super ahead of their time.
-"Trust me, in the future, everyone's gonna have a red..."
-This song came out in the '80s, and they know about iPhones.
-Yeah, man, they're prescient. All right, here we go.
Let's hear the next song.
[ Beep ]
-It's Nelly, it's Nelly, it's Nelly.
It's "Hot in Herre."
Ha! -What?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-What? -This is my favorite song.
-Ohh! How did you get that? Oh, my gosh.
-Yes. -All right.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Gosh. You are proving that you're a genius.
Come on. How would you guess that from that?
-Just, like, middle school. It imprints on you.
-"Hot in Herre." "Hot in Herre." -Mm-hmm.
-Here we go. Let's hear the next one.
I'd love it if you guessed it now.
[ Beep ]
"Bad Guy," Billie Eilish.
[ Cheers and applause ]
Whew. All right. Coming back. Coming back, man.
Whoo! -Okay.
-There's a little bit -- That's a little bit of a lot.
-Too much. Yeah.
Why don't you just say, "You need to calm down"?
Just say it. All right.
Come on. I set you up. I set you up.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-I've had to learn to say different versions
of common phrases like "Shake it off."
-Yeah, you can't say that anymore?
-"You need to calm down."
Like, I've had to figure out
how to not to say puns of my own songs in conversation.
I've gotten sort of good at it.
-Let's hear the next song. Here we go.
-"Kiss Me," Sixpence None The Richer.
-Oh, my God! Yes!
You even got the band?
♪ Kiss me ♪
Sixpence None The Richer. You even got the band.
-That was the first song I learned to play on guitar.
[ Cheers and applause ]
-Me too.
All right. Let's hear the next song.
[ Beep ]
-Is it "No Scrubs"?
[ Cheers and applause ]
-What the heck? How did you guess that?
-It's the chords.
-Whoa! -It's the chords.
-How did you get that? -It's just chords in a song.
-Oh, my gosh. It's the chords in the song.
-I'm really too excited. I'm flushed and --
-I know. This is a fun game. I really have met my match.
-Really fun. -This is unbelievable.
All right. It's time for the final song.
This is worth 10,000 points.
-Towards what? -It's anyone's game.
Whoever wins this, wins the whole game.
-Roots, take it away, whenever you're ready.
[ Beep ]
-"Shake It Off"?
[ Cheers and applause ]
[ Laughs ] Yeah!
I'm sorry. No, no, no. Come on.
Oh, I love it!
That's my favorite thing
that ever happened on the whole show ever.
Taylor Swift, everybody.
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Name That Song Challenge with Taylor Swift

132 Folder Collection
kuangkuang published on October 24, 2019
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